The 5 best places in England for your Business English course

curso inglaterra business english

If you have decided that the best thing for your training is a business English course, here are the 5 best places in England so you can carry it out and achieve all your goals.

Why a business English course?

Business language courses are focused on those who want to improve their language level in the field of business and/or business. In them you can improve your written and oral communication so that you gain fluidity enough to perform your professional functions within the company and in the business world. You will learn how to make presentations, negotiations, emails, reports, draft letters and generate your network of contacts.

These are the 5 most interesting destinations in England!


The European business city by antonomasia, with the city always leading its growth. An ideal place to make contacts, with the best English schools in the world,and of high prestige. It’s a fantastic environment to realize your full potential and take your business english course here.


Less expensive and chaotic than the capital, but with a great atmosphere and options to perform any activity. A quieter and more ideal place for your business Englishcourse, while being immersed in an environment full of Anglo-Saxon culture that will enrich all your learning.


Another of those cities that call to form, to learn, to grow… With its imposing university as a standard, it has endless training options among which you can develop the perfect course for your interests. It is a city designed forstudents, with a wide range of cultural and tourist options, in short, endless activities that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Wonderful northern city, with an ancient touch and an endless cultural tradition, which will allow you to not only learn Business English but also get to know the history of England in any corner of its streets.


Another of the great business cities of the island, with great events every year. Like London, a fantastic atmosphere full of opportunities for not only your course, but also your own career.

We have left out other fantastic cities like Cambridge, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield… but we consider the 5 cities included in the ranking to be ideal for you to take your business English course with the best guarantees of success and future job possibilities.

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