Study English in Australia: The best destinations for your “aussie” course

study English in Australia

Maybe you are thinking about learning English abroad but you are not sure about the destination, you are hesitating between several countries and you can’t decide on one of them. Well, here you will find a wonderful alternative, with which you will discover a new world full of possibilities in which you will live adventures, enjoy and learn English in an optimal way, and that alternative is none other than Australia.



1- Australia is an English-speaking country, so it is always desirable to study English in a country that has English as a native language.

2- Their accent, although characteristic, is not very complicated, so you won’t have any problems understanding people.

3- It is a country that always appears in the list of the safest countries and with the highest standards of living in the world, so neither you nor your family will have to worry during your stay in Australia.

4- It is a country that offers a wide range of job opportunities. So you can either take an English course with an internship through Ynsitu or look for a job once you are in Australia learning English.

5- Australians are people who stand out for their friendliness and extroversion, you will have no problem mixing with them and making friends.

6- Australia is a fascinating country that mixes modern cities, which we will list below, with natural, wild and even sacred areas, such as the incredible Mount Uluru.

7- If you like adventure, the beach or water sports, Australia is the perfect place to practice all of them, or simply to enjoy the sun and the beach once you finish each day of English study.

8- And if you like animals, Australia has an amazing fauna, with species endemic to this country such as the koala or the kangaroo that you will be able to see in their most natural state if you study an English course in Australia.


So, what are the best destinations to study English in Australia? In Ynsitu you have many options to choose your perfect course. Choose the place, the duration, the type of course, the type of accommodation if you wish… and embark on the best experience of your life.



These are the best destinations to study English in Australia, all of them available within Ynsitu’s language courses abroad platform:


Although it is not the capital, it is considered the most important city in Australia. It is a coastal city in the state of Victoria and has an incredible young atmosphere, as it is the main recipientof foreign students. A city with thousands of possibilities and a very special energy. Studying English in Melbourne is an experience that everyone will envy. General English courses, business English courses, courses with activities, courses for pre-university students…at Ynsitu we have many different types of English courses in Australia for you to choose the one you like the most.


It is the largest and most populated city in Australia and Oceania, and like Melbourne, it is a metropolis full of attractions where you can learn English and live an experience you will never forget. Whether you like cultural activities, sports, the sea…studying an English course in Sydney will open the doors to all of them.


Brisbane is the capital of the State of Queensland and one of the largest in the country. It has a spectacular climate and the job options are very high. Taking an English course in Brisbane is an investment in your future that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Despite being the capital of the country, Canberra is a very familiar, cozy and quiet city, without the stress that can be found in the previously mentioned options. Studying English in Canberra can be a perfect option for seniors and adults, as they will find the perfect destination to study English in Australia.


Another of Australia’s great cities but without the “blessed madness” of some of the previous alternatives. Adelaide is a perfect place to learn business English, as it has a large network of companies and job opportunities are high, so studying a business English course in Adelaide is a great alternative for your CV.


We cannot forget cities like Gold Coast, Perth, Coolangatta or Darwin. Smaller but unique. Equally valid options to study an English course in Australia.


Don’t miss the opportunity to study English in Australia! From Ynsitu you can choose from a wide variety of courses from a single place. Nobody makes it easier for you.