Interview with Roger de Gaetano, Director of the Link School of English in Malta: “Foreing students deserve the comfort of their own home in our country”

Link School of English

Roger de Gaetano, Director of Link School of English, Malta


Why would a student choose his school?

We have been established for almost 30 years and we remained a middle sized school only offering  personal attention. This is what students request form us. Foreing students deserve the confort of their own home in our country.  With the mixture of nationalities in our school, students are exposed to a variety of nationalities thus they must only communicate in English.



In your opinion, what are the main benefits for a student studying abroad?

A full immersion in English is available in our school. In Malta English is spoken everywhere, and foreign students are thus given the right opportunity to immerse in our language since they are given the space to live-the-language. “Talk to Me” is a new course which allows students to improve their conversational skills. Generally students fear mistakes so speak less. This fear ir overcome with the assistance of our professional techers. 



How do you see the future of language tourism?

The only way to widen and broaden one’s future is to travel, and the tourism industry will never die. 
People are in search of new job opportunities and the use of English is thoroughly essential in this day and age.



What is a day like for a student at your school and what is networking among peers like?

“English for busness communications” since it encapsulates all the needed material to develop any skill or apply for job opportunities. We are born to work and the most successful are those who seek and strive with the right tools. English is the most essential tool to theis success. Our staff are trained to stimulate everybody’s experience in English with sheer success. 



link shool of english
Name of school

Link School of English





What are the most significant things the school can offer?

We are a medium-sized school only offering professional tuition in English and other languages. We assist students to seek work opportunities  in Malta, or assist to advance in their education by enrolling in a local univeristy.  



What are the types of courses taught at school?

We offer a wide variety of EFL programmes including the most recuested: preparation for I.E.L.T.S. examinations, english for: tourism & hospitality, banking & finance, legal terminlogy, business, I.T., business communications, administration, insurance and english made easy.  



What are the biggest attractions around the school and in the city in general?

We offer accommodation wothin walking distance. Our portfolio includes four apartments opposite out school, one villa with swimming pool, one villa with a 600 square metre garden and another villa with excellent amenities. Our school is situated in Swieqi close to a park, many shops and a tennis court.