Ranking 2021-2022, the 10 TOP destinations for your English course abroad


Learning English is a common desire for the vast majority of the population who do not speak it as a native language. Good for work, for leisure, for desire to travel, for culture… many are the reasons, but sometimes the effort does not bring with it good results.

And there is no doubt that if you really want to learn English 100% the only way that brings you closer to success more than any other is to take an English course abroad. Only by living in the culture where that language is spoken will you be able to learn it optimally.

Despite being in a difficult time for it due to the health situation, there are many people who continue to travel abroad to carry out their English course, and little by little we are seeing the light, schools begin to regain normality and safety in them is maximum, so the experience will not be resentful a bit.

That’s why we encourage you not to think about it anymore and finally start enjoying that dream you’ve postponed for some time. It’s time to take your English course abroad.

And for this, from Ynsitu we offer you the 2021-2022 ranking of the 10 TOP destinations for your English course abroad. Very attentive!


  1. Liverpool

Studying an English course in Liverpool is a perfect choice for learning the language. A beautiful city, full of life but without the burdens of the capital, with a tradition, history and culture like no other. The Beatles, the Titanic, the legendary Liverpool FC… with the River Mersey as a witness to it all.

Discover here how its inhabitants speak. A unique experience!

  1. Dublin

What if you’d rather go to beautiful Ireland? Its folklore, its people, its landscapes, its incomparable pubs… Ireland is a magical choice, and its capital, Dublin, the perfect place to study an English course in Ireland. A city full of life and fun so you can interact with its people at all times. James Joyce and Molly Mallone’s crib is waiting for you.

Do you know the song dedicated to this icon of the popular culture of the city? Here’s the song with its lyrics. Do you understand?

  1. Cambridge

We return to England to offer you a city with one of the most recognized and important universities in the country. The English spoken by its people is one of the purest in the whole country,so studying an English course at Cambridge is going to be a great option if you are coming to take one of the exams that precisely bear the name of the city. Do your mythical regattas ring a bell against your rival Oxford?

  1. London

We couldn’t forget the European English centre. Little remains to be said about London that it has not yet been said. If you want a place with thousands of sports, cultural, historical and all kinds of options, studying an English course in London is your best alternative. Try not to get too stressed!

Have you ever seen the city from the air with 4k technology? Don’t miss it!

  1. Cardiff

Pretty Wales couldn’t be missing from our list. Perhaps Britain’s most unknown fate, but no less interesting. The country of the red dragon is an alternative not so well known but that will certainly surprise you and leave you wanting more. Studying an English course in Cardiff, its capital, is the perfect choice to enjoy the country and learn the Anglo-Saxon language.

And if you like rugby, Wales is one of the greatest world powers in this sport, being the reigning champion of the legendary Six Nations tournament. Missed the latest edition? Here you can enjoy the best rehearsals.

  1. Newcastle

Newcastle is a city full of life, with young people everywhere. So it’s the perfect destination if you feel like living an open experience with the rest of the people. The “geordies”, as their inhabitants are known, are very passionate people, although you will have to make a small extra effort to understand them, since their accent is not one of the simplest in England. However, all students who have gone to study an English course in Newcastle return with a smile and an indelible reminder of one of the best experiences of their lives.

And if you like football, Newcastle is your place. Have you ever seen the amazing atmosphere of your St James’ Park Stadium?

  1. Edinburgh

We climbed a little further north and crossed the imaginary border to reach Scotland, a magical land. Its capital has it all, and it is without fear of making mistakes one of the most beautiful European capitals out there. History, monuments, atmosphere… an English course in Edinburgh surely doesn’t leave you indifferent. You’ll also have to sharpen your ear a little bit for the sometimes complex Scottish accent, but nothing you can’t solve with a little practice.

Check out the city from the air and from its streets! Yes, we know… Edinburgh is absolutely wonderful.

  1. Boston

We’re going to the Americas with a destination that’s one of the most attractive to English learners, and it’s just Boston. A multicultural city with Roots and Irish and Italian influence among other cultures. You will be able to experience your American dream in the best possible way. An English course in Boston is the perfect choice to learn English in an ideal setting.

And if you’re a sports lover, you’ve got them all in this town! Basketball, baseball, ice hockey, football… all of them with champion teams. Can you understand what these Celtics fans are saying in this video?

  1. Vancouver

We continue north and enter wild Canada. We advise you that, if you decide that this is your destination, you will take a course of several months to be able to enjoy this wonderful country to the fullest with so much to see. An
English course in Vancouver is
a fantastic option to be located in a large city and from there visit different areas of the country.

How not to fall in love with a city like this!

  1. Melbourne

Finally, for the most fearless, we have the Australian option. Adventure and English in equal parts. Without a doubt, a journey that you will remember forever, just like your language improvement. An English course in Melbourne is something that stands out in your resume, not only for your ability with English but for being a daring person with initiative to overcome challenges.

Dude, Australia’s waiting for you!

As you can see, in Ynsitu we have all kinds of courses and destinations for you to carry out your dream of learning English abroad. We give you everything done, you just have to choose the option you like the most, pack your bags… And get going!