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Any linguist will repeat over and over again – the best way to learn a language is to be immersed into it! Taking the time to study abroad in an English-speaking country will greatly enhance the tedious experience of learning a language.  Many people learn a for eign language as part of their regular schooling.  This is usually only good for ordering in a restaurant and asking directions.  In order to really learn a language, there are three factors involved.  If a person wishes to truly become fluent, utilizing all three of these will ensure the student’s success in the least amount of time.

How achieve fluency in English


True fluency only comes by immersion into a country where the language, in this case, English, is spoken.  The benefits of this are tri-fold.  The first of these is English lessons.  It is vital to employ a teacher who understands how to teach.  Doing a minimal amount of research into the success of various teachers is imperative to finding the right instructor.  Some are better with younger students, others gear their lessons to adults. Teachers also have different styles, some using visual aids and some depending on the written word more.  The student must first understand his own learning style and then seek out a teacher who best complements the skills and styles brought by the student.


The second reason that it is beneficial to study English in an English-speaking country is that everywhere the student goes, English will be spoken.  This type of immersion is so very important to develop fluency.  Hearing English spoken constantly, by native speakers, is essential to developing an understanding of inflection and emotion utilized as a form of communication.  The things learned in the classroom will take on new meaning when used in real conversation.  Even listening, without speaking, will provide new understanding that rarely comes in a classroom.


Thirdly, being involved in the culture in an English speaking country will vastly improve the student’s ability to become fluent.  When a person lives in a country for an extended period of time, the culture, the societal norms and the habits and traditions of the people become clear.  Explaining an American custom while in a foreign county cannot possibly compete with the experience of viewing it first-hand. Putting all the language lessons into the context of the culture of the area and the day-to-day life of the citizens will provide a giant leap in the understanding of the language lessons that are ongoing.

To truly learn English and become fluent, studying abroad is the key!


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