Reasons to take a language course abroad before university

Taking language courses for pre-university students can give you a lot of advantages. However, there is no better instructor than experience. A gap year or gap year not only means to stop studying formally, but it can also mean to be used to go to another country and learn the language of that country.

In addition to learning a new language in the best possible way, you gain mental maturity. This means that, as a pre-university, you will be able to become much more independent and learn from many new experiences. You won’t go empty-handed either, you can also hire instructors who will help you learn the language at all times.

Below, we’ll tell you more about the reasons why you should decide to take a year off and learn a new language in another country:

1. During this gap year you will learn with more ease

The language courses before university and taken in another country can be much more effective than in your own. It is not the same to practice two or three hours a day in a classroom as it is to be in an environment where everyone speaks English, French, Italian or even German.

Being in a place where everyone speaks a different language, you can learn how to pronounce much better. Also, you will learn the most used phrases in everyday life. You will see this reflected when you face certain situations such as:

– When you want to buy some food.

– When it comes to interacting with other people or making friends.

– If you acquire a job, you will be constantly learning from your peers.

In many cases you don’t go to a country to learn from scratch. It is very likely that you already have a minimum knowledge of the language. These will help you understand easier and get a head start.

2. It can become an excellent work experience

The gap year is taken as a gap year where you are taking a break from studying, but just before you enter university. This will give you a good chance to get a job and work experience.   This can be a great help when you finish a professional career.

Working will not only give you money, it will also provide you with a great amount of experiences, which can make you mature and grow intellectually. The advantage you have being in another place is that, when you want to come back, this experience will be highly valued by any employer.

There is also the option to stay there and be part of a well-known company and have a good position. Of course, this is always with the idea in mind to access a university and complete your studies.

3. To be able to access different universities in the world

As we mentioned before, there is a possibility to stay living in the country you visited to learn its language. As a student, you are given the right to access any university, depending on your behavior and grades.

You don’t just have to settle for universities in your country or where you learned a certain language. Also you can go to other places in the world. There, they will value everything you learned and your income will be much easier. In some cases, the local government may even fund your education and personal needs.

A foreign university looks mostly at:

– That you are a committed and responsible person.

– Have a good command and knowledge of the language of the country in question.

– It is not compulsory to stay permanently after finishing your studies. However, it may be a good option to allow you to study there more easily.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

In many cases, people are afraid to learn a new language or to leave their country because it makes them a bit insecure to be away from their relatives. While this is very respectable and understandable, being abroad for at least a year can be an experience that helps you think more openly.

Young people find it difficult to learn or to start doing everything on their own, away from the familiar environment. Just the fact of facing new cultures, other types of social circles and learning a new language. will give you a lot of maturity and you will be able to be a much more confident person .

5. You can get to know yourself much better

It is correct to say that anyone at a young age is not very clear about what they want to study or do in life. Thinking about the future can be complex, as you may be a person of many tastes and interests.

In order to have some peace of mind to think about what’s next for you, taking a gap year in another country is an excellent option. Perform a gap year with pre-university language courses will help you define or rethink what you are really passionate about.

Since it’s a life decision, it’s only right that you take some personal space. However, this is not wasted time, as you will have all the benefits we have mentioned.

6. Improvements in studies

This is studied and proven by some of the best universities in the world. Taking time off after high school or middle school can help you start a career with a lot more pep and energy.

Using this time to have new experiences is what you should do. After performing a gap year and get back to normal, the change is not in the environment, but in your perspective or way of seeing life.


Three to nine months is just the right period for you to learn to know yourself, gain more maturity and think more clearly about the future. At Ynsitu, we will help you to make a gap year with language courses for pre-university students. This with a wide variety of places to choose from.