Interview with Patricia Marshall, School Owner and Director of Alpha School of English: “The language impacts all aspects of social life.”

Alpha School of English 

Patricia Marshall, School Owner and Director, Alpha School of English


Why would a student choose your school?

Committed to excellence in English language instruction, we strive to exceed our students’ expectations.
We are a small school located in a quiet and English speaking area of Malta. This means we offer you a personal approach and the local area is ideal for students looking for a relaxed and student friendly leisure time. We focus mainly on:

– English courses for families of all ages from 2 years to 60 years upwards!
– English and training courses for professionals including Teachers, Politicians, Business etc.
– Long stay students looking to improve their English fluency for study and work
– Personalised school group programmes looking to mix education, experience and leisure



In your opinion, what are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

To improve your language skills, experience a different style of teaching, learn about new cultures and perspectives, self develop confidence and the total immersion in language learning experience.



How do you see the future of language tourism?

The importance of language in tourism is growing continually and impacts all aspects of social life. Language tourism and all that it encompasses, is one of the most substantial, energetic industries in the world. Language tourists and the local population, experience a very unique and comprehensive communication aspect.



What is a day like for a student at your school and how is networking among classmates?

Professional Practices – to improve language skills to be able to grow professionally in the future with employers recognising the importance of the English language at the workplace.



Alpha School of English
Name of School

Alpha School of English


Malta/Saint Paul’s Bay


What are the most significant things the school can offer?

Alpha School of English is a well-established EFL school, licensed by Malta’s Ministries of Education and Tourism and approved by the ELT Council. Established in 1991, our English school has welcomed junior and adult students from all over the world to learn English in Malta for over thirty years.

Our extensive range of English courses are run by an international team of dedicated and highly qualified English teachers who are also native speakers of the English language. The modular nature of our course structure means that you can tailor-make your study experience at Alpha School of English and your stay in Malta to suit your specific requirements.



Which are the types of courses taught at school?

Alpha School of English is open all the year round except for public holidays. Almost all courses begin on a Monday and end on a Friday.

It is possible to begin a course on any Monday during the prescribed period. Minimum course length is 1 week and the maximum length is 50 weeks. One lesson takes 45 minutes. Standard Courses are from 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. Intensive Courses are from 1.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. or 3.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

All our lessons are held at the main Alpha School of English building in St. Paul’s Bay. However One-to-One courses may be held elsewhere by special arrangement (for example at the student’s place of accommodation). Please note that when there is only one student taking a group course, the number of lessons is reduced by a third.
Courses: Play School (2-7) / kidsclub (8-12) / teen (13-16) /Adult General English courses / Business English / a range of Professional courses for Erasmus+ mobility / one to one / two to one


What are the most attractions around the school and in the city in general?

Conveniently located in St Paul’s Bay, a traditional fishing village which is also a popular family resort, the school is also just a short distance away from Malta’s main sandy beaches and places of interest. The relaxed Mediterranean environment in St Paul’s Bay complements the friendly and helpful atmosphere you will find when learning English at Alpha School of English. Our classes are small, so individual attention is guaranteed throughout your course and stay in Malta.