Interview with Kieron Mahon, Director of Active Language Learning: “To study a foreign language in the host country opens many doors”

Interview with Kieron Mahon, Director of Active Language Learning: “To study a foreign language in the host country opens many doors”


Why would a student choose your school?

Quality Guaranteed
32 Years in the ELE Sector
Family Run
Independent & Irish Owned
Purpose built ELE facility
Award Winning Courses
EAQUALS Accredited
ACELS Recognised
Boutique Sized
Quality Location
Small Adult Classes
22 Hours GE per week

In your opinion, what are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

To study a foreign language in the host country opens many doors. Social interaction, opinions, diversity personal growth are all avenues which can be explored. Foreign languages provide a competitive edge in career choices: one is able to communicate in a second language. Foreign language study enhances listening skills and memory. … Foreign languages expand one’s world view and limit the barriers between people: barriers cause distrust and fear.

How do you see the future of language tourism?

As the world grows smaller in terms of abilty to access and travel to foreign destinations the future of language tourism is even greater. With advances in communication through IT services the need to work remotely in an international fied is even greater thus pushing the boundries for language skills required to greater lenghts.

What types of courses do you think will be most in demand in the future?

All students at whatever level they are and are serious about career choices will adopt a course that suits them. I see the development of training in many fields being a huge demand. Teacher training business executives etc. will all come into their own. Therfore I see the continuation og General English pitched at the corrcet level to continue to grow.


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Name of School

Active Language Learning


Dublin / Ireland


The most significant things the school can offer

Founding members of MEI We are an International Language School established in 1989 with ACELS recognition and EAQUALS accreditation. Family run, independently Irish owned, award winning, boutique sized with quality guaranteed for student focused courses. Offering both adult and young learner programmes in Irelands premier and most sought after location We offer language courses to foreign students who wish to learn English and also foreign languages to local students.

Types of courses taught at school

• Private English
• Business English
• English & Special Activities 
           – Hillwalking & Heritage/ 
           – Art & Architecture / 
           – Whiskey Appreciation 
           – Modern Irish Literature 
           – Cycling 
           – Traditional Irish Music & Culture
• Foundation Courses
• Teacher Training Courses
• Renewal Courses
• Summer Language & Activity
• Intensive Study Week (ISW Ministay)
• Intensive Cultural Week (ICW Ministay)
• Academic Year
• Parent & Child

Attractions around the school and in the city in general

Dún Laoghaire Harbour is a beautiful 200+ year old Victorian port located 12km south of Dublin’s City Centre. The Harbour town is 23km from Dublin’s international airport with excellent transport links. Located on the DART line (Dublin Area Rapid Transport), the harbour is 15 minutes train journey from the city centre. The National Maritime Museum of Ireland has nautical art and artefacts inside a 19th-century sailors’ church, while the harbour is a busy hub for fishing, water sports and cruises. Nearby Sandycove is home to the James Joyce Tower and Museum, as well as the sheltered beach and bathing spot at Forty Foot Boasting all the amenities of the city centre without the hustle and bustle of a crowded environment. All types of accommodation options are within a 15 minute reach either walking or by local transport.