Interview with Keith Zammit, Director of ACE English Malta:”Learning English allows you to travel to countries across the globe and interact with the people and the cultures there”


Why would a student choose your school?

Why ACE English Malta ?
ACE English Malta is a boutique and state-of-the-art school. We bring the latest education methodology and technology to our interactive, exclusive custom-made lessons. Because of our tailored methodology and small classes, all students receive excellent individual attention from our qualified teachers. Our staff and office management can support you whenever you need. Our students are from around the world, so, in addition to learn English, you will discover more about other cultures and behavior.
Our school is well located, in the heart of St Julians, where you can find lots of bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment options. Also, we offer several accommodation options, all within walking distance of the school. We consider that your stay should be more than just a English course, should be a changing-life Experience, so, we organise diverse leisure programme, for adults and juniors, to you enjoy and discover every corner of the Maltese archipelago.

In your opinion, what are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

Learning a second language can also teach you about a second culture, as language is a key aspect of culture.
When you begin learning English, you will immerse yourself in the culture of English-speaking countries.
Learning English allows you to travel to countries across the globe and interact with the people and the cultures there. As you do, you will also learn more about what makes your culture unique.
The more you travel and the more you learn, the more unique your perspective will be.
Don’t miss the opportunity to experience new cultures around the world!
One of the great things about learning English is that it connects you to people around the world. English is a social language, and learning is a social skill.
As you begin studying English, you may practice by having one-on-one conversations with English speakers or other students learning English. You may join study groups or find a pen pal. You will meet English speakers in classes and in your travels.

How do you see the future of language tourism?

Reassurance – Highlighting cleaning protocols, social distancing, and staying up-to-date with entry restrictions border regulations will continue to be necessary. Digital Health Passports and Contactless technologies will help.
Flexibility – Airlines have all eliminated change fees to help travelers feel more comfortable booking tickets. In case a proposed destination becomes a hot spot, people will likely want to wait or choose a new location.
Familiarity – Whether it’s returning to a place where people have traveled before or comes as a recommendation from family and friends, travel destinations can highlight this in their marketing.
Sustainability – The skies and oceans are cleaner, and wildlife has returned to areas where it’d dwindled. There’s no doubt that the lockdown has benefited the environment. The pandemic has effectively hit the pause button on emissions, which are projected to be 8% less in 2020 than they were in 2019.

What types of courses do you think will be most in demand in the future?

The more communication in English is provided, the more the importance of learnign English will continue to be a trend that will only get popular and popular, year after year, to students of all ages. Children may benefit so much from language trips, while young adults start to build on their career prospects soon after they finish their schooling. English is the language of all ages so its need and popularism will never diminish as it gives a new life to each and every individual, with each to his or her specific needs or requests to further study the English language. Be it for business purposes or for personal satisfaction, the desire will always be a strong one as it open roads to numerous opportunities. It is definitely a market which will always be in demand and, at ACE English Malta, we are here to deliver.


Name of School

ACE English Malta


St. George’s Bay, St. Julians/Malta


The most significant things the school can offer

ACE English Malta is the place to accomplish your specific language-learning goals. We are committed to providing a high-quality, academically-driven course, delivered through the most effective and well-tested teaching methodologies. At our boutique English school, students find themselves learning in a welcoming and exciting atmosphere, with a rigorous and challenging academic programme that ensures the successful achievement of learning outcomes.
The premises represent a new breed of dynamic educational environment. With state-of-the-art technology, elegant furnishing, vibrant but minimalist colour design, the stylish finish throughout reflects our forward-looking mission: to offer courses designed to meet the demands of students in the 21st century. Our language school premises include Wi-fi throughout the building, 12-station internet cafe, chill-out and lounge areas with coffee, cold-drink and snack vending machines, a large terrace where students can relax and enjoy their break.

Types of courses taught at school

At ACE, we offer you the opportunity to achieve your personal and professional language-learning goals. If you want to learn, we want to teach! We are passionate about the effectiveness of the ACE English Malta teaching methodology, which is based on a combination of tried and tested, as well as innovative and dynamic, pedagogical approaches, carried out in a modern, fun and welcoming environment. When you begin to see the results in your growing English skills, you’ll see what we mean!
From the very 1st lesson, English is the only language spoken in our lively, interactive sessions, where enthusiasm and positivity is paired with a commitment to a precise teaching methodology which encourages hard work and dedication from all students in tackling the challenges of learning English.
General English
Intensive English
Individual Lessons
Business English
IELTS and Cambridge Exam Preparation
Online Lessons
Teacher Training Courses
Junior Courses (13 – 17 years)
Kids’ Courses (from aged3+)

Attractions around the school and in the city in general

ACE English Malta’s location in Baystreet Complex, right at the heart of Malta’s premier tourist destination, St Julian’s, makes it a truly ACE location. St. Julians has developed into one of the island’s most upmarket and sought after residential areas, as well as a nightlife, entertainment centre, especially for the young and young at heart.
From the 4th floor of the Baystreet Complex, you will find yourself only a few minutes’ walk away from the next adventure. Whether in the hum and dynamism of Paceville’s club and dance scene, or the mellow vibes of St Georges Bay’s sandy beach, there is never a dull moment and never a reason not to go exploring!
Our location is ideal for those looking for nightlife entertainment, clubs, bars, casinos, restaurants, cafes and cinemas. St George’s Bay, which has undergone major improvements since 2004, is now one of Malta’s premier and most popular beaches.