Interview with Jackie Jays, Centre Manager of Ec Cambridge: “There is an incredible future in language tourism”



Why should a student choose your school?

At EC Cambridge we pride ourselves on our sense of community and focus on academic success. With our small, experienced team, our priority is creating a positive learning environment for our learners, while helping them to meet their academic goals. Cambridge is a city with academia in its blood, inspiring all who visit to do their very best!


In your opinion, which are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

A full immersive experience is key to learning and making faster progress. We immediately see an improvement in students listening skills within a week or two of arrival, and due to the need to speak English to communicate outside of class, learners additionally make good progress with their spoken skills. The classroom allows them to consolidate these skills and build their knowledge of language structures and vocabulary. The ability to travel within the country is also a huge benefit to coming to and learning in the UK, and students meet and make friends easily while in school and often keep in touch long after they leave.


How do you see the future of language tourism?

There is an incredible future in language tourism. We will always want to explore the world around us; its in our nature. Want to combine travel with study? What a fantastic way to see the world and interact with those around us. At EC, we are able to offer courses for each individual. If a learner would like to start their course online, before they arrive in Cambridge? No problem. Likewise if they would like to continue their studies when they return to their country, we can provide them with the opportunity to do that online across all time zones. The one thing we can learn from the past year is the need to be flexible; however, language tourism will continue regardless.


What types of courses do you think will be most in demand in the future? 

Flexible courses which are able to adapt to individual student’s needs. Academic course will continue to be important, with universities around the world placing English language competency at the top of their list of requirements.


Name of school

EC Cambridge

Country / City

United Kingdom / Cambridge


The most significant things the school can offer

A small friendly team; always here to help! Not only do we have a very experienced operations team taking care of our students’ welfare but also a team of well-qualified teachers with many years teaching experience. The school is modern and set over two floors, with 14 bright classrooms which are equipped with up-to-date teaching resources.
The structured curriculum enables us to deliver high-quality communicative lessons at all levels. Lessons are designed to be adapted to meet the needs of the learners and ensure they get the most from their time with us in school. There are a wide range of nationalities studying with us here in Cambridge, who all bring something different into the classroom, and EC Cambridge students arrive highly motivated and focused on academic success.
In addition we have a full activity programme, subject to local COVID restrictions, which takes in the very best of what Cambridge has to offer!


Types of courses taught at the school

We offer a wide range of courses:
General English (15 hours per week), Intensive English (22.5 hours per week), IELTS Exam Class and Special Focus Classes (part of our intensive English program): Speaking with Confidence, Grammar in Context, Academic English and English for Work.


Attractions in the school’s surroundings and in the city in general

Cambridge has all the amenities of a large city, but has a strong community feel because of its small size. The school is centrally located, close to restaurants and food outlets, shops and leisure facilities. We have two gyms, a swimming pool and parks for exercise and relaxation after class. Cambridge University consists of 31 individual colleges, 30 museums and a large central library, all within walking distance of the school. The city centre is truly beautiful, with many buildings dating back to the 1700’s.

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