How to make friends while traveling

How to make friends while traveling

One of the best parts of traveling is meeting new people. In a foreign culture, you can not only meet the locals, but also other travelers from all over the world. The relationships you form are often just as memorable as the sights you see, and if you’re lucky, these friendships will last a lifetime. However, many people struggle to form connections outside of their normal social environment )especially solo travelers and/or introverts). It can be difficult to get outside your comfort zone, so this article will take you through three key methods to make new friends while traveling.

How to make friends while traveling?



Hostels are an ideal place to meet new people. Everyone is traveling, and in the fun-filled environment, nearly everyone is open to a chat or a beer. There are so many ways to meet people in a hostel. If the people in your dorm aren’t friendly (or if you’d rather stay in a private room than a dorm), you can meet others in the common areas. Some hostels serve breakfast, so you can chat over bacon and eggs. Or they have foosball and pool tables, giving you an excuse to talk to some potential friends.

Many hostels have a bar, which makes it easy to meet and mingle. You can even meet new people in the bathroom! If you have a good time talking to someone, don’t be shy – ask them what they’re doing later that day. You’ll quickly gauge whether they’re open to planning something to do together. Many hostel-goers travel solo and then tour around with the new friends they meet.



Guided tours are another excellent way to meet new people. Whatever activity piques your interest, there’s probably a tour for it. Day trips are much easier than trying to figure out an excursion yourself, and they can often be cheaper as well. Best of all, you don’t have to be alone. Some hostels actually offer their own excursions, so you can go with the new people you’ve made there. If not, you’ll still find the strangers on the tour quite friendly.

Having to spend several hours with a group of people encourages conversation, and even the couples and families will be curious to know about the other traveler sharing their space. You can have the adventure of a lifetime hiking, ziplining, or scuba diving while also connecting with new people from all over the world. If this sounds like fun, don’t forget there are also longer guided tours that last a week or more and take you through an entire region. Meeting new people is an absolute guarantee.



Perhaps the most modern way to meet people while traveling is through apps. This may be the best of these methods for meeting locals.

Some people swear by apps for making friends, although it’s primarily a dating app – but if you’re open to more, why not swipe on a few people in your area? Lastly, some apps allow users to create events for any purpose and topic. You can check if there are any groups in the area you’re in, then see if there are any events you can attend and you can connect in person rather than online, knowing that everyone at the event came out with the intention of “meeting up” with new people.


Making friends while traveling can be hard, but it certainly doesn’t have to be impossible. Don’t let one of the most rewarding aspects of travel pass you by. Through hostels, tours, and apps, you’ll find your social calendar fuller than ever.

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