The best destinations to study English for a Latin American

Out-of-country English courses are a great opportunity to deepen and refine your mastery of this language. There are currently many options offered by different countries for people in Latin America to take their courses in a 100% English-speaking environment.

Depending on your financial ability and your job and professional aspirations, you can opt for one of the options we’ll talk about in this article.

Remember that learning English abroad is the most effective way to achieve the level you need to get that certificate that will open the doors for a better future.

Top 6 destinations to learn English abroad

The best destinations to learn English for Latin Americans are in Oceania, Europe and North America.


This country is quite far from our continent, but this is no impediment for many Latin Americans to decide to travel there to perfect their English.

Among the most important reasons for this is that if you are going to take a course there you can access a part-time work permit, 20 hours per week in class season, and full-time, 40 hours per week in holiday season.

The cities that have experienced the most notorious boom in the number of people learning English are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. However, you have other cheaper options such as Perth, Gold Coast and Adelaide..

If you travel to learn English from Latin America,the course you take can last between six and nine months, but you have the option that Australia gives you to extend your visa to continue training professionally. , el curso que tomes

New Zealand

This is an exotic destination for learning English. This is an attractive destination for the high academic level of its institutions and the quality of its courses. The visa to enter this country legally can be processed online through the new Zealand embassy page.

In addition, this visa can be extended without much complications. Imagine that there you can learn or improve your level of English in an ostensible way, as it is a destination with very few Spanish speakers and you will be 100% immersed in the language.

In New Zealand you can work while studying, which represents a very seductive advantage. The cost of living in this nation is lower than in other destinations, so it can be economically viable.

Also travel to Europe to learn English from Latin America.


In this island country of Europe you can find various institute options to learn English. The price of the courses ranges from 100 to 150 euros per week. As a Latin American who wants to apply to the study and work program in Ireland, you will need to certify that the course you take there is more than 25 weeks long.

On average, you can work part-time and earn up to $200 a week on a school trip; while in the summer or Christmas vacation periods, you can work full-time and earn up to $400 a week..

For people from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay or Paraguay, among others, the procedures for entering Ireland are simple and in some cases no visa is even required.

Another attraction offered by this destination is the ease of moving towards the rest of Europe having the Irish resident card. In this way, on a weekend you can get to know Paris, Berlin or Barcelona quietly.

United Kingdom

In this destination you will reach the highest level of English, this is your main attraction. Other keys by which people choose to study English there are their cultural and historical richness and the excellence of their academies.

London is the UK city that foreigners choose most to study the language. But if you’re looking for cheaper options, you can opt for cities like Manchester, Oxford, Preston and Bournemouth, where the cost of living is considerably lower than in the capital.

The biggest drawback of this destination for Latin Americans is that it is very difficult to obtain a work permit. For this reason, to take an English course there you must have an economic capacity higher than required in other countries.

United States

This country has been and is the one that hosts the most foreign people to learn their language. This is despite the fact that the cost of living as a student in its major cities is high, between $1,500 and $2,000 per month.

However, the level and prestige of its educational institutions is quite seductive; In addition to this it is a country with a huge cultural diversity and the experiences that you can access on its university campuses are extremely enriching.

Boston is the Most Pure English-speaking American city. It’s also a city with little presence of Hispanics, so you’ll be in direct contact with the natives for longer and your level will grow soon.


Canada is a country with a very high quality of life index. When you’re there you’ll find many advantages in terms of health, housing, transportation, safety, work balance and, of course, a high level of education.

The city of Toronto it is one of Latin Americans’ favorite destinations for learning English. If you want to enter this country to learn the language, you should keep in mind that it is not possible to work while studying. However, the cost of living is lower than in other countries and air tickets are also cheaper.

To go to study in Canada, it is best to take out a study visa. This can be easily extended as many times as necessary to complete the programs, which must be longer than 28 weeks.

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