9 reasons for you to take English courses abroad

9 razones para que tomes cursos de inglés en el extranjero

Sometimes you wonder why people want to study English abroad? Isn’t it better to do it from home? The answer to this question is: no, and I’ll tell you nine reasons why it’s ideal to take English courses abroad.

1. Languages are learned when they are needed to live

When you learn to speak in your mother tongue, two important phenomena occur in your head: the first, you discover that you can express your desires, your discomfort and your tastes more easily to the adults who take care of you and that, if you do not learn to do so, your chances of survival are reduced.

For the reason set out above, if you study English in a country where you don’t need it to perform the most important actions to live in, you’re wasting your money. The mind is looking for simple ways to get what it needs, so it will turn to the language you already know and not the language you want to learn, to ask for what you need.

2. Your social life will have a larger circle of interactions

When you speak a single language, you live a single culture and your social circle is restricted to the people you share the same language with. By studying English, you will be able to expand your networks of friends to countries in which they are spoken. You will travel to places where you will find people who share your same interests, all thanks to having obtained new words and expressions in your repertoire.

3. Travelling will be easier

In most countries on the planet there is at least one person who speaks English and can tell you where to seal your passport, where the food is best, which tourist sites are most beautiful and economical, or perhaps tell you where the nearest hospital is in the middle of an emergency. This possibility is greatly reduced, if your mother tongue is not within the most spoken on the planet.

English still ranks first in spoken languages in the world,so why not learn it and travel the five continents?

4. Most films are shot in English

It’s not about bothering with the numbers, but if you review the annual world film production statistics, most films are produced by the American film industry. If you add up English, Australian, Canadian and Indian productions, this rate increases enormously. So, if you want to watch good TV, access movies online or just walk into a movie theater and enjoy popcorn, English gives you more access to film content than other languages.

5. English remains the language of the most widely used trade in the world

If you are an entrepreneur, lover of the world of finance and business, we have very good news for you: English is still the most used language for conducting business transactions.

Most financial applications, websites, and banking servers are in English. If you are in destinations such as the Far East or the Ocean continent, you will be able to access your bank account, thanks to English translations that have these kinds of technologies.

6. Studying English abroad will improve your resume

If you’re looking for better job opportunities, studying English in other countries not only improves your professional resume,but shows that you’re a person of the world. You show that you have faced what it means to live in places other than your country and that you know how to manage problematic situations in at least two languages, which can be a definitive point for you to find the work of your dreams.

7. Train your brain to solve problems more agilely

By learning a foreign language, the mind stays active, improves its levels of memory, attention, classification and the processes of abstraction, deduction and induction,as reading and comprehension are made exercises of permanent challenge. By interacting in cities you don’t know and with people who force you to use the language, you learn to solve situations in an agile and accurate way.

8. You will learn the language of science

Especially from the twentieth century onwards, most scientific texts and studies of global relevance were developed in schools, research centres and laboratories coordinated by English speakers. So, if you learn English to apply for a scientific career, you’ll find more literature on your topics of interest and study opportunities in the most prestigious schools in the world.

9. Even if Paris is the city of lovers, English can lead you to know the love of your life

Many people complain about their loneliness. If you study English in a foreign country, you will not only be able to meet more friends, perhaps Cupid’s arrowwill hit the target and reach you the love of your life. Cities such as London, Amsterdam, Montreal, Sydney, could be the setting for your romantic encounter, or perhaps the beautiful island of Malta. It will all depend on the route you draw to learn, a little magic and voila,a love in Shakespeare’s language could come to you.


Additional advice: if you want to expand your culture,watch plays, operas, attend museums, listen to the best concerts of different rhythms and origins learn English will give you access to much more information about art in the world. Read the English and American classics. Delight in the prose of Dickens, Poe, Wolf, Chesterton, Conan Doyle; with Withman’s poems; understands Hamlet’s dilemmas and the intrigue behind Romeo and Juliet.

Nothing like studying English abroad with experts. Don’t wait for the next pandemic to make the decision: save, protect yourself, let yourself be dreamed and travel around the world, thanks to the learning experiences of a new language.

Whether it’s improving your communication skills, meeting new countries and people, doing business or maybe getting a better job, English courses abroad are a benefit-intensive option. Travel, discover and learn from Ynsitu. Our courses are prepared for you to live an unforgettable experience and to make the most of your learning. Discover all the types of courses you can find in Ynsitu.