8 Reasons English Is the Dominant Language

Wherever you go to, you’ll always find someone who speaks English. And it’s been hundreds of years English is the language that dominates the world,so today we will give you the 8 reasons why this language and not another has achieved it.

1. It’s the most spoken language in the world

Currently, English is spoken by 400 million natives and understood/spoken by 1000-1.6 billion people. I mean, almost a quarter of the world speaks this language,so it’s very easy to find people who speak it go to the country you go to and of course there’s always someone to practice it with.

2. It is the language of international business

The headquarters of global companies are usually located in the United States and united Kingdom, so English has been by default the most spoken language in the field of business. In part, this may also be because English speakers are not very willing to learn new languages, and that one way or another you have to find common ground with people around the world.

3. Most movies are in this language

Hollywood has become an inexhaustible source of global content and entertainment, so it makes sense for English to become the primary language of film creation. Logically, movies can be dubned into dozens of languages, but as they are best enjoyed it is by watching them in the language for which they were intended.

4. It’s easy to learn

Debatable topic depending on who you’re talking to, but it’s generally accepted that English isn’t the hardest language you can face. Vocabulary is fairly simple to understand and its close relationship with many other languages means that speakers in those languages can see where those English concepts come from.

5. It is related to many other languages.

This language has a very broad and captivating history, encompassing wars, invasions and different influences from all over the world. There are many cultures that have helped shape modern English, including Roman, Viking and French. It is the main reason why it is a hybrid language composed of Latin, Germanic and romance elements.

6. There are things that can be said in many different ways

One of the biggest advantages of English is its great flexibility. You can find many different ways to explain them, thanks to its great vocabulary. There is talk that it has about 1 million words, and new ones are added every year.

7. Sounds different depending on the part of the world in which you talk

A more recent development in the evolution of the language, is the emergence of different dialects in countries where English is the native language. The UK, Australia and the United States have different ways of speaking and spelling, influenced by cultural and historical events that have helped shape their development.

8. Continue to change

Selfie, Bae, Smasual.. Do these words ring a bell?. All of them have been included in the English vocabulary and have become valuable members of the lexicon. More than any other language, English continues to evolve and assimilates new words that extend, and often, without even translating into other languages. English is undoubtedly capable of adapting to everything.

I think it has become clear to all of us because English is so important and above all because it is a world-dominant language. So you know, it’s time to put your batteries on and start learning it. Logically the best way to learn it is by visiting a country where they talk about it, so in Ynsitu offers you hundreds of possibilities to take a language course abroad. This way you can get to know a new country and take advantage of 100% experience learning a new language. Cheer up!