7 reasons why you should do an internship abroad

7 Reasons Why You Should do an Internship Abroad


The vast majority of undergraduate students have absolutely no concept of where their careers paths might take them before they begin their studies. Therefore, doing an internship abroad will offer you a unique opportunity to gain a perspective on their strengths and weaknesses and their future career choices. The ability to travel and experience different languages, cultures and foods, while immersing yourself in a different lifestyle are just some reasons why an internship in other country while studying, is something every student should consider pursuing.


7 reasons why you should do an internship abroad


#1 Make yourself more employable

When you do an internship in other country, you will instantly make yourself more attractive to any future employer as I will see the skills and benefits you have deemed from this immensely rewarding experience and how they’re easily transferable within your chosen career niche and beyond. 

Most HR professionals have a deep respect of the benefits of travel. They know students who have expanded their horizons and push their boundaries by accepting the slew of challenges that an internship in a foreign country presents gain invaluable skills. 

You no longer have to explain in an interview that you’re adaptable and you embrace challenges as you’ve proven this by studying and working abroad. You will come home with a list of additional skills that will help you quickly climb the corporate ladder whether you’re choosing a career as a geologist or a rocket scientist.


#2 Learn to network on an international scale

You should never underestimate the importance of networking for career advancement and presenting unexpected opportunities. While working abroad you will meet future leaders within your industry among other ambitious interns and also gain many valuable connections within your host employer. 

Interning in a foreign country will open up new doors and offer you newer and better opportunities than you would ever gain by working in an internship at home. The confidence you gain from tackling the problems associated with interning in a new country and city will stand you for the rest of your life.


#3 Study new languages

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing an internship in other country is the ability to learn new languages. Studying a language in your home country regardless of the level of expertise of your instructor, will never be as beneficial as immersing yourself in the first language of another country. 

Also, if you’re doing an internship abroad, you may meet people from other countries and get the chance to learn about their language and culture. Whatever language you’re looking to learn, pursuing an internship foreign country while undoubtedly advance your language skills.


#4 Advance your understanding of your chosen field

Obviously, if you’re pursuing a specific career path gaining any authentic life experience and additional information about your career, it’s going to prove beneficial. But doing so on a global scale is something different.

Understanding how your chosen career works in different countries around the world will make you a much stronger candidate when interviewing in the years to come. Exposing yourself to different ideas, cultures and ways of life by traveling abroad to pursue an internship foreign country is something that will stand you for the rest of your career and life, even if your chosen career path changes.


#5 Prove you are adaptable and independent

The ability to think on your feet to be flexible and adaptable is something that most corporations find very attractive, but this is the skill set difficult for them to quantify. But after spending a year or more living abroad, there are a certain number of skills you have to learn quickly to overcome difficulties. 

Problem solving becomes second nature as different situations force you to very flexible and adaptable. The decision to move abroad for several years or even a few months can intimidate, but the level of independence that you will gain is not something you’re likely to attain by staying at home.


#6 You get to travel

People go on internships to advance their future careers, but the primary reason people do it is if they have time to travel and see fresh places and faces, experience new thing. Taking this opportunity to travel the world and experience the life and culture of new cities and countries will burst you out of your comfort zone and make you live life.

You may also work on some meaningful projects that can have deep social affects on the country you’re living in. You can also learn many lessons and skills including cultural sensitivity and language skills just to name two.


#7 Make your resume stand out

Gaining your dream job is becoming increasingly difficult and graduating from a top university with an excellent degree is no longer as special as it used to be. Don’t let all your hard work at school and in college be for nothing. Take every chance you can to boost your resume. 

You’re now going to be in direct competition with thousands of other excellent students from all over the world. And on paper money degrees look the same two potential employers. So it’s important that something on your resume makes you stand out from the crowd. 

Time spent living and working abroad will help you do this and increase your possibility of gaining that all important interview. During the interview process, the ability to discuss your experiences with different languages, cultures and food will make the process much easier. Employers will not be blind to the fact that the skills you’ve learned while living and working abroad will be of additional value to them.


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