5 easy steps to speak English without a foreign accent


You travel to a new country and when you start talking to native people they discover your nationality just because of your accent when speaking English Has it ever happened to you?. Although some accents have a lot of charm, if when you try to speak another language it bothers you, today we bring you 5 simple steps to speak English more naturally. This way you’ll have more confidence in talking about it and you’ll be able to put it into practice in your next experience abroad.


1. Choose your accent


Think about which accent you like best or which one sticks with your personality. There are many types of accents (British, American, Australian…) and you can choose according to your preferences.

Once you choose your favorite, you must stay true to him and be consistent in speaking. You should use vocabularies according to the selected accent and try not to mix words that are used in with others.


2. Go and listen to everything in English


It’s one of the most typical tips when you’re learning a new language, but when you try to improve your pronunciation it’s one of the most useful. Force yourself to watch all YouTube shows, series, movies or videos in English. Learning new words will be of great help to you, but your accent will mostly appreciate your hatred getting used to always listening to English. (Not forgetting the type of accent you’ve previously chosen, remember point1!)

Seeing things in their original language instead of the dubbed version is a different and very enriching experience. You can start watching videos or movies you already know in English. It may cost a little at first, but if you lean on subtitles (logically) it will get easier and easier.


3. Listen carefully

English is a fairly musical language, so it’s important to perfect the right sounds and fluency if you want to talk like a native. In Spain, for example, we pronounce all the letters of words, so for us English can be somewhat complicated. Listening to how different the words spoken by a native sound can be of great help.

It is worth paying attention to the way in which certain words are said (burger, spaguetti…). Even if the changes are minimal to your language, you’ll make a difference.


4. Say it all out loud


The more you practice your English, the better. You don’t need anyone to talk about it, you can do it with yourself. It may sound kind of weird, but it’s tremendously useful. One of the things that can help you practice the most is reading aloud (books, magazines or what you like the most). If you like a phrase from a movie, try repeating it as you do in it. Learn the lyrics of your favorite songs and repeat them over and over again aloud. It really works!


5. Take every opportunity to talk


Try to relate to strange people and look for opportunities to speak English. Introduce yourself to volunteers to read in class, look for academies or even erasmus and practice bars or meetings. Any time is good to improve,the more active you are, the faster you will learn and develop your accent.


And since it couldn’t be any other way, the best advice we can give you is to travel. Moving around an English-speaking country will force you to practice and help you lose your foreign accent. That’s
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