Interview with Jonathan Qionn, Marketing Director of Centre of English Studies (CES): “Students want to travel ad they want to experience life in a different county”


Why would a student choose their school?

We have 8 fantastic locations in cities and towns that are very attractive student locations.
CES has over 40 years in the marketplace and we have students from over 85 countries across the globe.
Highly qualifies teachers who are all university graduates with years of experience.
Dedicated accommodation team.
Excellent Social and Cultural programmes.
Numerous accomodation options for all students.
Independent Accreditation for all our centres.

In your opinion, what are the main benefits for a student to study abroad?

You get to live the language and experience the life of a normal irish, English, Canadian or Scottish person. You can learn a language but it is also teh experiences you get when you are in Ireland, the U.K or Canada. Travel broadens the mind and when you have a school that can offer you a super mix of nationalities in the classroom with you, a great social and cultural programme for you to experience the city or town you are in and excellent accommodation options it all combines for a complete experience. You must speak English when you are in teh classroom but also when you are out with your friends or in the cafes and shops!

How do you see the future of language tourism?

Once we are able to travel again in comfort and safetly I feel that clients will want the in country experience. We are offering virtual classes that have been very successful during the pandemic but we can see how eager our client are to get back to face to face in class experiences! We will be able to offer the option of a Blended course with some virtual and some face to face classes. Students want to travel ad they want to experience life in a different county so I do feel that that will not change. We need to improve what we ar doing to make it more accessible and we have managed that via Zoom etc. The demand is still there for students to get on a plane and spend a period of time in another country living a new life experience.

What types of courses do you think will be the most sought after in the future?

Exam preparation courses that prepare students for further study or professional life.
Tailor made One to One tuition that can be done virtually or Face to Face to focus on the exact needs of the client.
Business focused English language programmes.
Erasoums + Teachers Courses to develop a teachers skill set.
Junior English courses plus programmes with sports / coding / debating / mindfullness / personal development.
English for 30’s plus and 50’s Plus cultural programmes.


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Name of School

Centre of English Studies (CES)


Dublin – London – Toronto – Edinburgh – Worthing

The most significant things the school can offer

CES was founded in 1979 and is one of the most respected English language schools in teh marketplace. With over 40+ years expereince in teaching English we offer high quality language programmes that will facilitate every learner. We now have centres in 8 different locations – Dublin – London – Oxford – Leeds – Worthing – Harrogate – Edinburgh – Toronto. The school is very highly accredited and is a member of IALC, ALTO, EAQUALS Languages Canada and the British Council. CES is also the ‘Official’ IELTS test centre in Dublin – Leeds – Toronto. CES is also an ‘Official CELTA’ centre in Dublin , Leeds and Edinburgh. In CES we can also offer our studnets a wide range of accommodation options such as home stay, self-catering single en-suite rooms owned by CES and university residential accommodation. CES also offer a full range of student services and a wide and complete social and cultural programme.

Types of courses taught at school

Standard and Intensive General English courses at 6 level.
IELTS exam preparation.
Cambridge Exam preparation and OET Exam preparation.
Tailored One to One tuition and Combination Course (20 hours General English + 5 hours One to One tuitioin).
Erasums + Teachers Courses (Blended Learning – CLIL etc).
University Pathway Programmes.
Canadian High School placement.
Junior International Summer programmes.
Junior low Season group programmes.

Attractions around the school and in the city in general

CES Dublin is loacted in the very heart of Dublin city on the same street as Trinity College – Dublin Castle and Temple Bar. We have 3 centres in Dublin and all are withing 5 minutes walk of each other. All the main tourist attractions are within easy walking distance of the schools. CES Dublin’s home stas are all located between 25 – 50 minutes from the city centre and our private CES self-catering studnet houses are located 20 minutes from the city centre by public transport. CES Dublin has a total of 33 classrooms as well as a cafe, a student common room and two roof top gardens for students to relax in. We offer a complete social and cultural programme (as we do in all our centeswe have a dedicated staff member to liaise with students on this aspect of their stay. We also have a dedicated mindfullness stay team member to look after that aspect of the students stay