Best series to learn French depending on your level

Mejores series para aprender francés según tu nivel

In recent years, French has become a language of great demand. We can practice Listening thanks to the different productions we see daily on our entertainment platforms. That’s why today we bring you the best series to learn French, although remember that these are just a support and that the best thing you can do is to take a French course abroad.

If you are one of those people who like to travel and get to know the most beautiful places in the world, you have surely thought about how exciting it would be to be able to talk to the residents of a French-speaking country in their native language, this post is for you!

Learning French to travel: basic level

The following series are for practicing at a basic or beginner level, so they are ideal if you are starting your learning French. You can find them on YouTube or on any website.

Extra French,
first serie to learn languages

It may not be the best French serie at the technical or interpretative level, however, this is offset by the simple plot. In addition, you may notice a simple use of the language, which will allow you to recognize different types of words and phrases.

In this way, you will be able to follow funny situations in which three friends (two women and one man) are immersed, who are neighbors to each other. With a total of thirteen chapters, Extra French it’s a comedy that will fill you with laughter and help you improve the French language. It comes subtitled and you can find it on many websites.

A gars, une fille

It is considered one of the best French series of the late 1990s. Its seven-minute format makes it a perfect setting for your language learning. A gars, une fille  tells you the everyday and funny stories of a French couple, Jean and Alex, nicknamed “Loulou”and“Chouchou”.

Imagine closing your eyes and, when you open them, you are in 2000, as this series will take you on the way in time. You can find many of the chapters on YouTube. It should be mentioned that, in this case, the dialogues are more elaborate and the language more fluid compared to the previous series. However, this makes you move forward and get to know a little more about French culture.

Learning French to travel: intermediate level

Netflix is par excellence the platform of the series in French, because it has a wide variety of programming in this language. Such variety ranges from horror to comedy. In our view, these are series with an intermediate level of difficulty, so they will allow you to improve your learning of the Gallic language.

Big ones vacances

This is an animated miniseries that you can enjoy through Netflix platform. With just five chapters, it shows you the story of two children traveling to Normandy lands to spend the holidays with their grandparents. However, fate and war have other plans for them, and they will soon be involved in the crudeness of reality.

It is recommended for children over the age of seven, which leads us to place it in this ranking. However, even though it looks like a children’s series, it will test your language skills. Therefore, it is a perfect test for you to measure your advances in the language.

Plan Coeur

It is the second French series of Netflix and has become a landmark of the Gala sagas. He change our way of thinking that the French only know how to represent crime series. Plan Coeur is a romantic comedy that shows you the life of a young woman close to her thirties, trying to restore a love affair.

This whole process leads the protagonist to suffer paintings of depression, so her friends hire a gigolo to keep him company, without imagining that she will fall madly in love with him. The dialect used, according to many user opinions, is composed of a docile language with understandable dialogues. That makes it an ideal series to improve your Skills with French.

Learning French to travel: advanced level

If you want to challenge your French level and move towards the big leagues, following series will help you significantly to improve your understanding of the language. In addition, they will take you to the fields of intrigue, suspense and inexplicable things.

La Mantis

It is one of the best series in the French suspense genre. He tells you the story of a detective who has to deal with two criminal women. “La Mantis”, a serial killer who has committed the most horrific crimes, discovers that she is being plagiarized by a copycat. This second criminal far exceeds her levels of evil, so “La Mantis” decides to turn hemselves in to the authorities to try to catch her copycat.

This serie uses a police language that, as we know, consists of complex metaphors,which is a challenge for our Frenchlanguage.


It’s a futuristic series, a sci-fi drama that shows you how to love in the near future. In the plot, by using an app, you can search the far-reaching spaces of your mind and know your innermost secrets.

Unsurprisingly, an algorithm can’t determine the person we love, so things get out of hand as episodes go by. Actors use fluent language; In addition, many words are used that refer to technology, bringing you will improve and increase your vocabulary.

As we could see throughout this entertaining post, there are many series that can help you improve your understanding of French. However, for the judgment of many experts, the best way to learn the language is to travel to the country where it is spoken, mainly by performing French courses abroad. The fastest way to find and compare the best courses is through Ynsitu.

Find out if it’s best for you to study French in France or Canada.

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