What to bring in your suitcase for your language course abroad

que llevar maleta cursos idiomas


You’ve been impatient for a long time planning that long-awaited course, but you don’t see the time to pack… and it is that the journey does not start when you arrive at your destination, but when you open it and decide what to take in it. That’s when doubts begin: what should I put in, what’s essential, will I leave myself something?… Because let’s face it, I’m sure on more than one occasion you’ve forgotten something or even regretted carrying unnecessary crap.

Don’t worry about it anymore, because
from Ynsitu
we bring you the solution:

A checklist as an infographic so that you do not miss anything during your stay to study English abroad. In it you can find everything from the essential basics, to a series of “just in case”.

What clothes and accessories to wear, what to put in the need, that you should not forget or what to wear if you go to the mountain or the beach, are some of the questions that we answer to facilitate this heavy task, and it is that some things may seem obvious when preparing the suitcase, but there are some that are not so much.

Are you ready to pack up and set course? Find out now what can’t be missed to enjoy your language course abroad.

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