The European Countries that Speak English Better

If you have thought about traveling to where English is spoken and do not know what are the best European countries that speak English, just follow the list we have made for you below, thanks to the study options offered by YNSITU.

There are many European countries to learn English, which is why a good option to improve English is to go to some of these English-speaking countries. Each of them has a wide range of possibilities in terms of academic offer for adults.

Countries where English is Spoken in Europe

From one point of the European continent to another, there are multiple possibilities to speak English, because it is in many countrieswhere you can study English in Europe, but also where you can practice in the day with the inhabitants of the area.

Below is a list of European countries that speak English and the best to study it.

United Kingdom

This is the first of the European countries that speak English and where everyone usually travels to study and have a better mastery of English.

Most students are drawn to the UK’s academic reputation, as well as the wide range of academies and cities to study, making this one of the best English-speaking countries in Europe.

The courses and possibilities to choose from hundreds of places where English is spoken, is something that appreciates the thousands of students who come to this place every year.

The UK is only 2 hours from Spain by plane, so itis one of the countries to learn cheap English if we are in Spain,because the cost of air tickets is very affordable.

British English has been regarded as the most perfect and correct English in the world. And because this country receives so many international students, its populations have various types of student accommodation, including host families.


Another European country that speaks English and one of the most visited by Spanish students and other parts of the world, is Ireland. Not only is this a country with a lot of charm and history, but its academic alternatives are very varied.

Ireland not only has large and iconic cities such as Dublin or Belfast, as it also has beautiful landscapes that leave nature lovers in love.

Very close to the UK, this is one of the best European countries that speak English, because English is their official language and you will realize that they speak it everywhere.

Today Ireland has become one of the countries to learn English most sought after by international students, and this is due to the proximity to the rest of the European countries, ease of access, cultural activities for all tastes and nightlife of most of their cities.

For those who wish to learn English in Europe this is an economical and quality option.


One of the European countries that speak English and whose academic offer is economic, without a doubt it is Malta. This is one of those English-language countries that gives away the best views of the Mediterranean and with pleasant temperatures almost all year round.

From ST Julian’s to Valletta you can choose to do your English course in Malta,
as this is one of the best English speaking countries in Europe, and it is also perfect for those who do not like the cold of the north of the continent.

In Malta you can enjoy an amazing holiday while practicing speaking English from one of the most amazing European countries that speak English.


There is no doubt that in Spain any foreign student enjoys the tranquility and security that the lifestyle of its inhabitants has. Moreover, the cultural richness of one of the English-speaking European countries cannot be set aside.

Just as Spain is famous for its culture, gastronomy and artistic diversity, it is also famous in terms of study opportunities, so it is one of the countries to study English that receives the most foreign students.

In Spain you have the possibility to sign up for the English course of your choice, according to your age, or you can even leave English camp on the summer holidays.


One of the European countries that speak English considered to be welcoming and pleasant to live in, is precisely Germany. That is why it is no surprise that thousands of students around the world are applying for a place in some of the language academies in Germany.

Not only is Germany one of the most pleasant English-speaking countries in Europe, but it is also a thriving nation, where cities with high tourist potential such as Berlin, Munich and even the industrial area of Frankfurt and Hamburg abound.

If you go to Germany in search of countries with English language, you can not set aside tourism,know its nature, culture and history. In addition, in the same streets of Germany you can practice the language, as European English is commonly spoken.

It is estimated that more than half of the German population has English as its language. So, even though you thought it was amazing, this is one of the European countries that speak English most recommended for students.

These are the countries where English is spoken in Europe with the highest number of academies and with a high quality educational level. Any of them is a good alternative, whether you want to learn, or if you are looking to perfect the English language.

From Ynsitu, we invite you to dare to pack up and go on a trip through one of these amazing European countries that speak English, but not without first choosing a plan that includes everything you need so you don’t have to worry about anything.