Types of language courses you can take abroad

The type of language course each person needs is different, an executive won’t need the same thing as a teacher, a person who will work as a translator, or someone who simply wants to improve a language globally. Therefore, here are alternatives so that each person can choose the course that best suits them and their needs.

General language course

General language courses are primarily focused on improving fluency in a language. These courses contain classes in which both speech, pronunciation and grammar are trained. The topics covered are mainly useful situations for everyday life such as: work, sports, holidays, meals, travel, experiences, etc. Within each of these topics to be covered will exercise vocabulary, listening and reading. The goal of this type of course is to learn the selected language and improve your fluency.

Within the General Language courses we will find:

  • Intensive general language course: These are usually courses that offer more than 20 lessons a week.
  • General language course (non-intensive): These are usually courses that last less than 20 lessons.

Courses with activities

This is a very attractive modality. In these courses in addition to regular language classes in schools where you will learn the language of your choice, there are also study programs that include special activities such as yoga, surfing, music, etc. With these courses you will be able to improve your language level while practicing your favorite hobby and meet people with tastes similar to yours.

Pre-university courses

If you are a student who is going to college, and faced with this new challenge you have decided to learn a new language, which can usually be English or any other language, this course is right for you. This type of course is specialized for those who want to learn a language abroad with the intention of being prepared for college and being able to acquire the necessary tools to build their own knowledge, learn a new language and have the most fun with students who will live a new stage like you.

Exam preparation courses

These courses offer a timely, very specific preparation to face a certification exam such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, etc. These degrees are usually for admission to some kind of college course in the U.S. or Canada and also serve to add points, for example in an opposition. Certifying your language level is important for many aspects of your student and work life.

Tipos de cursos que puedes realizar en el extranjero

Business courses

If your case is that you need to learn English or some other specialized language for business, either because you’re studying something related or for work reasons.

These types of courses will make you a teacher who, in addition to being an expert in his educational area, also masters a second language. Even within this same type of courses is the modality for English teachers, where the level is really advanced and educational methodologies on CLIL bilingual teaching are learned, so that the participant not only masters the language, but also acquires the tools for teaching that language.

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Program studies and works

The programs study and work are a great opportunity because in addition to learning another language, you have, if you wish, the opportunity to work to be able to pay for your stay in the country while you improve your language.

Specialized language courses

In these language courses, you will learn the language in a more technical way to be able to work better in your profession. You will be able to learn a new language focused on for example, medicine, engineering, academic purposes, etc. This will make you know the technical words you will need to be a professional outside your own country. There would also be in this category courses that specifically improve some aspect of the language such as public speaking, grammar, reading and comprehension, etc.

Language courses for seniors (+30/ +40/ +50)

These types of programs are focused on adults over 30 years old, adults over 40 years old and adults over 50 who would like to take their course with people who are more mature and of similar age to them. These 3 blocks are the minimum age ranges in which senior programs are divided. Here you can find varied programs that include general languages, business language, intensive, non-intensive, with cultural activities.

All these types of courses you will find in Ynsitu,so now that you know them, choose the course that best suits what you are looking for and learn languages with us.

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