7 suggestions for saving money on your language course

So, you like the idea of doing a language course abroad but aren’t sure how to find the best deal?  Here are some suggestions for finding a course at the best price:

1.Book your course in the low season. Courses abroad, like foreign travel and accommodation have seasonal prices. One of the simplest ways to save money is to choose a course in the low season. October, January and February are usually the cheapest times of year not only in terms of course prices but also air travel and accommodation.

2. The second recommendation is also to, compare as many courses and language schools as possible, as there is a wide range of courses on offer. With Ynsitu.com you can find and compare all the language courses available around the world.

3. Try the less well known destinations, as by avoiding tourist hot-spots you´ll be sure to save a bit more. Everything will be cheaper: the course, the flights, the accommodation, and even the leisure activities.

4. The accommodation offered by the language schools is usually a large part of the overall cost, even more than the course fees and especially so in touristic areas. However, you don´t have to take up this accommodation and you are free to look for more economic alternatives in private homes, hostels etc.

5. Pay in your own currency. If you book your trip directly with a language school in the UK and pay in pounds, it could work out more expensive than if you find somewhere that takes Euros such as Ynsitu.com 

The exchange rate set by your bank will always be less favourable and can also include further bank charges especially if they ask for you to pay via bank transfer.

6. Flights also account for an important part of the overall cost. The best thing to do is to compare prices carefully and check out the low cost flights to airports near your destination.

7. Beware of agencies that try to charge you a different price for the course than that advertised by the language school. These hidden costs, which may be disguised as administrative costs, processing fees or extra charges for using a particular type of payment method,. , will push up the final price. With Ynsitu.com you will find that all our courses are exactly the same price as if you were paying the schools directly, or cheaper, and there are no hidden charges.

If after reading this advice you still can´t find a course to match your budget, you can split the cost into monthly payments starting from only 30€.

So shop around, find the best course for you, and get ready to do your foreign language course at the best price

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