Why an online course is the perfect prelude to your language course abroad


If you are planning to take a language course abroad in 2022 but you are still in that first phase of your language learning process where you search, compare and choose your perfect language course, we have a way not to procrastinate any longer, a way to lay the foundation stone of what will be a great journey in which you will learn and live incredible experiences.

And that first step is to take an online course (English, French, German, Italian…) with the school with which you will later follow the classroom training.

What are the advantages of starting your training with an online course?

If you have already decided on a specific School but you still can’t make the trip to start the course in person, we recommend you to take an online course with that same School, which will be available through our Ynsitu platform.


5 great advantages of starting with an online course from our own school

1- It allows you a first approach with the School.

You will be able to meet their teachers, their methodology and their way of teaching. This way, you’ll have a better idea if it’s the right school for you when you travel there.

2- Easier admission

In some schools, the admission of new students is not easy. Either by certain requirements, quotas … therefore, if you have already completed an online course with this school and you already know you as a student, your admission process will be easier and your chances of entry much higher.

3- Fees already deposited

If you take an online language course with the same school with which you later take a face-to-face course, you will no longer have to pay the new student registration fees, as you will already be their student.

4- Optimize your experience from minute 1

If you already have a minimum level of the language you want to learn, you will be able to maximize your experience from the very first moment, not only academically, but also in your social relations with your classmates and the environment in general.

5- Start learning now

Although it may not seem like it, life goes by very quickly, and something as important and time-consuming as learning a language should not be put off and left for an undetermined “better time”. You must take the bull by the horns, and as far as you can, start studying it now. And this is where the alternative of an online course comes into its own.


At Ynsitu we offer you a wide range of online courses so that you can start practicing the language you want right away, without spending more time. It’s time to train yourself, to grow, to start investing in your future. It’s time to learn.