Visas for traveling to South Africa

Are you going to take a language course in South Africa?

Take note, here we explain the visa you need according to your stay.

Most citizens of the European Union and the USA they do not need a visa to travel to South Africa, they can obtain a free tourist permit for stays of 90 days on condition that the passport is valid for at least 30 days after the end of the visit and have at least two blank pages in this not counting the last two and it must have a minimum validity of 6 months.

In the event that you cannot obtain a tourist permit, you must obtain a visa at the South African embassy or consulate in your country of origin or in a nearby one.



In the case of having to request it, it is recommended to obtain a multiple entry if you decide to visit a neighboring country since this will avoid having to obtain another to enter South Africa again.

This visa has a duration of 3 months extendable to 3 more and you must be over 18 years old. With this visa you can take an English course in South Africa for up to 6 months. Remember that with this type of visa you will not be able to work and you must show the round trip tickets when requesting it.



If your ideal would be to be able to study and work in South Africa we recommend that you obtain a student visa.

The duration of this visa is determined by the length of the course, which must have a minimum length of 4 months (16 weeks). This visa, as occurs in most student visas, allows you to work 20 hours a week. This visa includes an extra 30 days of vacation at the end of your course.

You must have medical insurance during your stay in South Africa and prove that you have sufficient funds to be able to support yourself during your stay in the country.

South Africa, unlike other countries, will request a vaccination certificate and a criminal record from all the countries where you have lived for more than a year.

As it is a student visa you will have to present the letter of acceptance from the school where you are going to take your course, which is obtained once you have paid in full.


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