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It has often crossed our minds to take a trip abroad in order to learn English. Nowadays, there are many English language learning websites on the Internet, but not all of them offer you the complete package you are looking for to learn a language in a native country. In Ynsitu we tell you which are the best cities to learn English.

Some of the factors that influence the decision are: the accent, the English academy offers, the leisure and entertainment possibilities, as well as the working environment. That’s why it’s so important to know a little bit about the destination to get our decision right.

We want to help you decide where to study English! For this reason, we leave you a list of the best cities to learn English, where Ynsitu offers you the best English courses.


The best cities to learn English

We’ve put together a list of the best cities to learn English and where you can practice your English by getting a taste of city life. Within each of them, we have several study options that include accommodation and the best prices in the sector. Get to know them all!


Cambridge stands out as a city with the best English classes. Of its more than 120,000 inhabitants, at least 22,000 are students. During the summer season there is an increase in the number of foreign students who take advantage of the season to study in English.

It is undoubtedly one of the best cities to learn English: according to specialists, the best English in the UK is spoken here. That is, they practice English without variations or accents, really pure English.

Cambridge has a great multicultural and university environment, which makes it easy to welcome international students and to learn the language. It is also a perfect destination for a trip to the capital of England, as it is only 50 miles from London.

New York

New York is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities for international students to learn English. It is a very large city, which has inhabitants from many different countries and stands out for its great multiculturalism.

The city of skyscrapers has become one of the star destinations and has a very peculiar English, influenced by Europe. Its streets have been the setting for hundreds of TV series and movies that make the New York experience unique. It is the perfect city for international students who want to enjoy a course in the USA and live the American dream!


If you are looking for a different environment to do your English course, Liverpool is one of the best cities to learn English. This is one of the English locations with the most excellent programs and academies to learn English. In addition, the courses in Liverpool are the best value for money. The overhead costs in this city are not very high compared to other cities in the same area.

Liverpool has many options for leisure and tourism, as well as work possibilities, which you can take as an alternative outside of your study hours. Almost half of its population is under 30 years old, making this city very young and perfect for learning the language in a modern way. It doesn’t matter if you are older, the important thing is to have a young spirit!


We cannot leave aside one of the most outstanding cities in England, which is considered one of the best cities to learn English. Although living in London means a higher cost, they have a very good quality of life and it is one of the best cities to practice the language.

Here there is a large influx of English, international inhabitants and tourists from all over the world, so walking through its streets and visiting the most emblematic areas of the city, involves immersing yourself in the language completely.

London has a wide range of academic, employment and leisure opportunities. This is a town that has a completely inclusive environment. Make the most of your language trip to enjoy the charm of London!


This city has a wide range of academies and English courses, where the quality of the Irish education system stands out. In addition, it offers multiple job opportunities for students, so you can combine your studies with work, and thus practice the language.

Dublin is noted for its festive atmosphere and for the incredible natural scenery that abounds around the city and the rest of the island. Its wide variety of leisure activities means that it is full of tourists and international students, who will make your English course in Dublin as enriching as possible.


Manchester is one of the best cities to learn English, thanks to the fact that it is one of the most popular locations in the whole of the UK. Not only is it one of the best university centers, but it also stands out for its artistic, financial and communication sector.

In Manchester you can live a very practical life and it has a very pleasant atmosphere. The downtown area is full of shops and restaurants of all kinds. In addition, Manchester also has excellent transport links, both nationally and internationally. All of these factors will help you immerse yourself in Manchester life as a local and get the most out of your English course.


If among the best cities to learn English you find all the options you had in mind and you don’t know which one to choose, we advise you to visit our web of courses abroad and select your favourite country with the budget or type of trip you prefer.

United Kingdom, road to normality: Official phases of your de-scalding

Fases desescalada Reino Unido

The British Government published two days ago the document “COVID-19 RESPONSE SPRING 2021”,which sets out the roadmap to end the blockade in which England has beenlocated since 6 January.

A more ambitious vaccination programme is currently being implemented, where more than 17 million people have already received the vaccine. This fact, coupled with the decrease in infections and hospitalizations, is paving the way for safe and gradual lifting of restrictions.

The Government has received scientific advice from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and its working groups on the pace and sequence of reopening, and they expect COVID-19 to reach a stable level.

The roadmap designed to be a step-by-step plan to ease restrictions with caution. They are expected to 4 phases of de-scalding for the whole of England, among which there is a minimum of 4 weeks to be able to reflect the previous impact and continue safely.

Official phases of de-scalding

Phase 1: As of March 8

Schools are reopened for all students, outdoor activities or exercise are allowed with a family member or non-convivial person, childcare and funerals are held with a maximum of 30 people and wakes and weddings of 6. As of March 29, meetings of 6 people or two outdoor homes, sports and leisure abroad are added, and travel is minimized.

Source: Gov Uk

Phase 2: Not before April 12

It includes leisure in enclosed spaces with people living together, reopening zoos, attractions, in-car cinemas, community centers, bookstores, personal care, shops, restaurants, hotels for people living together, activities for children and parents indoors, weddings, wakes and formal meetings of up to 15 people, and events with restrictions.

Source: Gov Uk

Phase 3: Not before May 7

Leisure is allowed in enclosed places, 30 people outdoors, indoor sports, 30 people in daily celebrations, concerts, shows and events of up to 1,000 people indoors, 4,000 abroad or 10,000 people sitting outside, and international accommodation and travel.

Source: Gov Uk

Phase 4: Not before June 21

There is no legal limit to people gathered, nightclubs and long-running events reopen, and the capacity for weddings and events is unlimited.

Source: Gov Uk


As you have seen, the good news is that returning to face-to-face education is the first step to get out of this blockade, and from Next March 8 will reopenschools, colleges and universities.

It’s the perfect time to start planning your English course in the UK and resume those plans you postponed because of the current situation.

Don’t let anything stop you, hire your course with Ynsitu and discover all the types of courses and CITIES in the UK available to you.

For more information about COVID-19, visit the official website of the UK Government.


Visas: Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

Necesito un visado para estudiar en Reino Unido

Are you going to take a language course in the UK? We know that collecting all the info and knowing exactly what documentation is needed is not an easy work. That’s why, from Ynsitu, we bring you everything you need for your visa.

  • If you belong to a country in the European Economic Area, you will only need your ID or national IDENTITY card in force.
  • If your course lasts less than 24 weeks, in some Latin American countries, it is not necessary to obtain a visa, being enough having passport.

The government works in partnership with the UK Border Agency for visa management.

There are two types of visas: Tourist (General Visitor Visa) and student (General Student Visa). The latter is designed for stays longer than 24 weeks.

To apply for your tourist visa you will need:

    • A visa application form.
    • A passport size photo
    • A valid passport with a blank page and a minimum of 6 months validity.
    • Evidence of financial solvency during your stay, can be from bank statements or payrolls from the last 6 months, etc. You will have to prove for each month of your stay 1020 If you go to London or 820 euros if you go outside of London.
    • Document proving that you have an accommodation during your stay.
    • Enogh money to be able to pay for your visa.

The cost of the visa is 133 euros and you will need to submit the documentation in English. The paperwork usually takes between 1 and 10 business days, but remember to do so in enough time, as if you refer to the UK Ministry of the Interior, it can take up to 13 weeks. You can apply to the Short TermStudy Extended Visa, which allows you to be in the UK for up to 11 months, for 255£.

To apply for your student visa you will need:

    • 2 marked passport photos.
    • Passport valid for a minimum of 6 months with a clean sheet on one side.
    • Documents that prove your financial solvency.
    • School registration, after payment of the course.
    • In the event that you are younger, authorization from your legal guardian.

The procedure for this visa must be done directly at the embassy. If you are taking a language course with this visa, you are not allowed to work in the UK.

You’ll need to prove economic solvency, through a checking or savings account, in which each month you must have $1265£ if you go to London or $1015£ if you’re out of London. Money must be consecutively 28 days before requesting the appointment online, or through a credit in the student’s name. Your sponsor can only be your parents or your wife/husband.

We look forward to helping you from Ynsitu! For more information and updates, see the official website.