Five Famous Cities for Travelers

Five Famous Cities for Travelers

Travel is a great idea, whether for experienced travelers, or for those people getting away for the first time. For some, packing is the hardest part. They never know what they want to take or leave behind. For others, it may be difficult deciding where to go. There are many places to travel to. In order to decide, looking at some the most popular places in the world, and why they’re a must-visit, is necessary. These five, in particular, are not only popular, but the very best destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime.

First, there is New York City. Everyone has heard of the Big Apple and it more than earns its title as the “city that never sleeps.” While a big city can be certainly intimidating, New York is big enough for everyone and whatever they’d like to do during their visit. It has an iconic skyline, a rich history, and food that local aficionados pride themselves in making the very best of. “We love New York,” indeed. So will anyone who visits it.

Europe’s answer to New York City is London, England. It is filled with history and character dating back hundreds of years. Home to the world’s most famous monarchy at Buckingham Palace, London is a beacon for fun and excitement. With a great variety of culture, London’s many sights and sounds, including Big Ben, give a truly unforgettable experience.

Up next is Paris, France. Whatever has been said about Paris cannot be believed, but not because it’s a lie. Instead, it needs to be experienced in order to be truly appreciated. With the famous Eiffel Tower at its heart, Paris is a city of love and taste. The cuisine is extravagant and world famous as is its wine. It is as much a city to fall in love with, as it is to fall in love in. There is perhaps no better romantic getaway.

Then there is Tokyo, Japan. While comparable to New York City and London, Tokyo stands on its own as a premier destination in the world. Truly, there is arguably no better place for a more unique experience. If one is looking to take a piece of Japan home with them, they can shop in Tokyo’s very own Time Square, the Ginza District. With its many shrines, palaces, and parks, Tokyo is as beautiful to look at as it is breathtaking to enjoy firsthand.

Sydney, Australia is last, but certainly not least. In the Land from Down Under, Sydney might be the best answer for beginners. While far away from home, it certainly goes out of its way to make visitors feel at home. Words cannot even begin to describe its beaches where one can truly relax and swim. There is also entertainment at its finest at the world famous Sydney Opera House. Sydney is as desirable and attractive for a visit as the other four cities. Yet, all five cities are indisputably famous for being unforgettable to their visitors.

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Reasons to study a language abroad

Studying a language in another country is an unforgettable experience.  Leaving your comfort zone you get to know yourself better and you improve your language skills much faster compared to studying in an academy in your home town. But if you´re still not sure whether to take the plunge and go on this new adventure, here are five reasons why you should do a language course abroad:

1) Extend your learning by getting to know people from all over the world

One of the best ways to study a language abroad is by getting to know people from different parts of the world. The schools take students from many different countries and all of them are there to learn the same language as you. This gives you the opportunity get to know different points of view, and different cultures, so not only do you learn a language but also you are totally immersed in an international environment opening yourself up to new experiences.

2) You won´t only learn a language but how to live and breathe another culture

Language forms just a small part of the culture of a place. It is important that you not only learn a language but that you also live it by immersing yourself in the culture. Learn the customs and traditions from the inside; their food, history and all there is to discover from the local people. Become world experienced, you will end up having plenty of stories to tell.

3) You will live new and exciting experiences that will lead you to never forgetting what you´ve learnt

The experiences that have made an impression on our lives we never forget and you will surely never forget the first time you visited a foreign country, left your home and comfort zone to put yourself out into the world.

4) You will make lifelong friends

One of the advantages of learning a language away from home is that being on your own in a foreign country you end up finding a new circle of friends, an international family where you open up more to and start up friendships that last due to your pool of shared experiences. Keeping up with these friends is now made easy due to social networks and with luck you will have places to stay in many different parts of the planet allowing you to continue practising the language.

5) Put your learning into context and you will learn faster

This is the most obvious reason why studying a language abroad is the best option. Once you travel to a foreign country with your mission being to learn the language, suddenly you will be totally surrounded in what you’re learning. Without other distractions you´ll see how your learning speeds up when you are wholly concentrated on this direct form of learning. Your range of vocabulary will widen dramatically as you have to directly put into practise what you learn. Instinctively you will want to understand what is going on around you.