Encourage yourself to travel with these movies and take a language course abroad

There are films that, in addition to being inspired to live the situations of the characters, motivate us to learn another language, travel and even leave the comfort zone. That’s why here we’ll show you that it’s possible to know those places you love so much while doing a language course abroad so you can have a complete and satisfying experience.

Movies generally have this wonderful gift of transporting you to other times and places around the world. The experiences they share have an impact on our minds and invite us to reflect on a specific topic. That feeling becomes much stronger when you can project in the film some of your aspirations in life: travel around the world, do some extreme sport, learn many languages, be a great leader or simply isolate yourself among the mountains and learn from loneliness.

Películas para viajar y aprender idiomas

Films that inspire travel and language learning

So you have more reasons than excuses, we bring you this list of feature films so you can be encouraged to travel the world and learn languages in other countries, so that you enrich your life and knowledge even more.

Along the way

This movie will awaken your energy to go hiking. It is based on Jack Kerouack’s travels throughout the United States in the 1940s, a fact that influenced him to become a relevant character in the Beat Generation literary current.

The terminal

It recounts the typical situation that any traveler has ever experienced: missing a flight, a bus or not knowing what to do because everything is closed. This time the plot is about a man who, without knowing the language of the site in which he is located, establishes new friendships with the people around him. Perfect reason to learn one language in another country!

Eat, pray, love

It tells the story of Liz Gilbert, who decides to leave behind her well-off life to find herself and make a trip around the world. Here you are left with many reflections around meditation, friendships, loves and charm in the face of the exotic.

Thelma and Louise

This Ridley Scott film talks about a couple of friends who were just looking to escape their monotonous lives as a waitress and housewife, but in that new experience they get lessons never to forget. Driving a 1966 Ford Thunderbird, both girls travel from Arkansas to Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. This was such an exciting film that he became one of the icons of the feminist movement.


This French film classic will show you the life of a shy girl who lives in Paris and seeks to attract the attention of a man who attracts her. The motivating thing about this film is the Parisian atmosphere that recreates with the music, gastronomy and places characteristic of the French capital. Thanks to how captivating it is, it may motivate you to venture out to learn French.

Notting hill

This romantic film is perfect for you to learn to perceive the differences between American and British English. It is a light tape, so its dialogues are not very complex and you can encourage yourself to pay attention to the most used phrases in the script that will also be frequently used in the daily life of English speakers.

Posdata: I love you

This is one of those romantic dramas most preferred by lovers of this genre. A widow who embarks on a life on her own after the loss of her husband learns to enjoy new experiences that will give her life a new meaning.

It’s one of those films that comes to your soul, both because of the emotional circumstances and the adventure Holly faces in her new life and what comes to transform. A journey both spatial and spiritual where you will understand that it is worth venturing into what the changes of life face you.


This is a film of historical tinge that deals with refugees of all nationalities who come to Casablanca, Morocco, in search of political asylum. This tape will run into a slightly harsher side of travel that, in this case, turn out to be forced, due to adverse circumstances, but they are a tool for the resilience and strength of a group of people. This film can also be used to strengthen yourEnglish, as its leisurely dialogues will allow you to do so.

The King’s Speech

Speaking of strengthening English, this film faces the difficulty of The King of England George VI in vocalizing properly. Based on real events, it is a cinematic piece of deep reflection around the psychic and emotional blockages of a character as important as the king, who manifested themselves in his inability to endure an eloquent discourse.

This film is ideal for understanding the complex process that it can be for some people to overcome their fears, be fluent and learn a new language.

Julia’s Journey

Here you can enjoy the magic and beauty of Morocco from the perspective of two girls who travel with their mother and discover a different culture. The film is ideal to be amazed by the desert landscapes and imposing Arab architecture.

Holidays in Rome

Set in the Italy of yesteryear, from the nostalgia of other times, the film recounts the adventures of Princess Anna, who escapes her routine diplomatic life and ventures into a Vespa to get to know the Italian city.

As you can see, whatever the genre, there will always be a message within these films that will encourage you to travel the world and venture into new experiences. The enriching of a trip is in the cluster of experiences on a social, emotional, psychological, gastronomic and linguistic level.

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In addition, with this experience you will have more possibilities to relate to the culture that welcomes you and make the most of the details that are around you. Are you ready for adventure?

7 Italian Movies that Will Help You Learn the Language

7 Italian Movies that Will Help You Learn the Language

Italian is one of the most popular languages in the world. Whether you are learning the language for professional or study purposes or just for fun, it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity that you get.


One of the most fun and effective methods of learning is by watching Italian movies. By knowing how to approach a movie, you can make those moving pictures into a trusty companion for learning Italian. In this article, we will be listing 7 Italian movies that you don’t want to miss:



This movie dates back to 1940 to tell a story of a 13-year-old young boy named Renato. He always fantasizes about a beautiful schoolteacher named Malèna played by none other than Monica Bellucci. Her husband is currently on a war assignment in Africa. She is also known for eliciting gossips whenever she works on her daily chores. Renato has a sort of addiction to Malèna because of which he is unable to keep her off his mind even for a second. Whenever he fantasizes about her, things start to heat up. Even though the shy Malèna hardly speaks anything, the movie has used backdated Italian, which will be fun to watch. There are vivid and engaging narrations done by Renato that will help a beginner Italian language learner.


La vita è bella (“Life is beautiful”)

This 1997 masterpiece directed by Robert Benigni is internationally recognized as one of the most famous films in Italy. One of the most notable lines from the movie is ‘Buongiorno Principessa’ which translates to ‘Hello Princess’. It is the story of a boy and his parents who are in an extermination camp during WWII. Even though the story is tackling some horrific situations, the dialogue is plain and simple. Another great thing about this movie is that if you watched the dubbed version, following the original Italian version will be easy.


L’Attesa (The Wait)

This movie was the directorial debut of Piero Messina in which he tells the story of how a mother grieved for her dead son. But this is not the whole story. Her son’s French girlfriend has no idea that her boyfriend is dead and is still wondering why he isn’t picking her phone. She shows up at the mother’s doorstep to spend Easter. This is an immersive movie with beautifully-executed cinematography. At times, it is subtle and at others, it is screaming right at you. The film’s austere nature ensures that the dialogues are deliberate and controlled making it perfect for language learners. If you want some inspiration for learning the language, take inspiration from Juliette Binoche, the mother from the film who is originally French but learned Italian to get her role right.


Cinema Paradiso (Paradise Cinema)

This is a classic movie from Giuseppe Tornatore about a journey of a boy who slipped into the projection booth who became a projectionist and an acclaimed director. It also tells the story of lost love and the everlasting thought of where she could be. It is a type of movie that makes you fall in love with its story and the characters. This movie is discussed in the film circles even today and cinephiles debate over the deleted scenes. It is remastered so that the new generation of moviegoers have an opportunity to experience Tornatore. Not only does the movie quotes from lines from other movies, but the movie itself is also a basket of beautiful prose. If you have just started learning Italian, this movie will make you appreciate just how beautiful the language is.



If you are a fan of horror movies, this is an Italian movie that you have to watch with fixated eyes. Directed by one of the best horror movie masters, Dario Argento, this jaw-dropping movie follows a young American girl who went to study at a ballet school in Germany. There are mysterious murders occurring around her when she finds out about something even more sinister. The movie has an impressive vocabulary and an easy-to-grasp flow of language. If you are a beginner Italian language learner, this is one of the best films to start with.


La Meglio gioventù

This was originally aired as a television miniseries. However, it often repacked as a six-hour-long, two-part dramatic epic for American audiences that follows two brothers from the early 1960s to 2000. La Meglio gioventù is an unforgettable film that, at its center, is a deeply human story about family, love, and friendship. However, it also has the tumultuous years of 20th century Italy as its backdrop. Even though it is a long screening, this film is a great watch for beginners Italian language learners, especially the ones who have an interest in learning about the anni di piombo (“years of lead”) of Italy. The years of lead is used for referring to the period between the 70s and 80s which were marked by general political and social unrest and reactionary and radical terrorist attacks.


Mine Vaganti (Loose Cannons)

For comedy lovers, this film offers a layered, introspective, and subjected view of the issue of widespread homosexuality in the southern conservative region of Italy. The protagonist of the movie is Tommaso who is trying to return to his family. However, all his attempts are thwarted by some obstacles. In the film, there is a sharp contrast between the traditionally acceptable family structure and the secretive double life of Tommaso. It provides a dependable resource and a grand narrative to people who are studying the Italian language at an intermediate level. It is perfect for learning an extensive vocabulary as well as semantics in relationships, love, family, and goods. Also, you will know about several phrases that can improve your sentence formation and grammar.


Learning a language requires you to use the right tools and movies offer a great way for you to learn it. Even if you apply for an Italian course, you need to work on your own to find ways to improve your capabilities.


If you love watching movies, why not use them for improving your Italian linguistic abilities. The above-mentioned seven movies are surely a good start.


Don´t forget there are other ways of learning a new language and improving your knowledge on it. Why don’t you look for new adventures learning Italian in Rome for example? take a look at what Ynsitu has prepared for you!

9 movies to learn German by your level

9 películas para aprender alemán según tu nivel

Germany is a country with very rich language. That’s why more and more people want to learn it. Although you will always need to know the grammatical rules and practice the different uses, there is a completely natural way to internalize the language: movies.

In particular, the German nation stood out for doing very interesting works from a cinematic point of view. His films captivated critics and viewers with very strong plots and technical resources that even Hollywood was able to envy.

However, it is also true that they are great ways to learn more about the language. When we watch a film in German, we will be understanding how the uses of language are given in everyday life. So, we decided to collect 9 fabulous movies that help you to improve your German, dividing them according to their difficulty levels.

Basic level

If you’re one of those who’s starting to learn the language, these movies will help you.

Heidi – 1993

It’s one of the most popular. It is a children’s play about Heidi, a girl who, after becoming orphaned, decides to live in the mountains with her grandfather. In that place you will meet Pedro, her adventure partner.

In this case, we’re talking about a really popular work in culture. Moreover, it’s perfect to be introduced in that language. With this familiar story, you won’t have any complications to follow the plot.

In addition, its own structure, with leisurely and simple dialogues, is perfect to you for learning the most basic vocabulary of German. Similarly, actors strive to make everyone understand them, so it’s great to get started.

Die Perlmutterfarbe – 2009

The plot takes us to 1991 in Germany. There, we will meet Alexander, a boy in his 13s who is a student at a school. However, he is interested in Lotte, he is in love with his best friend.

Through everyday conversations, you can learn the basic structures of German dialogues. Since the protagonists are children, you will see fluid and fun talks, all while you know the particularities of the Bavarian accent, since the film belongs to that region.

Das Wunder von Bern – 2003

An ideal movie for footballers. In 1954, some years after World War II ended, the country was preparing for a World Cup. In this case, we’ll see Matthias, an 11-year-old boy waiting impatiently for the Swiss-based event.

You will be able to learn a basic German, but approaching the intermediate, as it has some conversations that go out of the strictly simple. However, when you keep up with it, you’ll realize that you’ve internalized many new terms.


It’s time to take it a step further and get to know some of the best intermediate German movies.

Good bye, Lenin! – 2003

One of the most relevant films in German cinema. Its story is simple: Alex has a mother who goes into a coma months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The problem is that the doctor mentions that any upset could cause her to decompensating again.

What’s the matter? That she intensely militated communism. That’s why this child will have to recreate that everything is normal, as if the wall hadn’t fallen. It is a really important work in historical terms, which will make you incorporate a lexical wealth not suitable for beginners.

Soul Kitchen – 2009

We’ll know Zinos’ story, a young restorer from Hamburg who owns Soul Kitchen, a restaurant. However, one day his girlfriend leaves him, because he spends more time in his place than with her.

That’s why he decides to sell his establishment, which becomes Hamburg’s most famous place. This is a ideal work if you want to further refine the quality of your language.

Die Welle – 2008

Perhaps it is the most recognized film of recent years. With a school theme, there is a situation in which the danger of fascism being able to resurface, even today, is demonstrated.

With an impressive script, performances and direction, it is a work that you will greatly enjoy, but that will also serve you to understand the daily jargon, with intense and overloaded dialogues.

Advanced level

You’ve made enough progress in the language. With these movies your German will be more fluent.

Der Untergang – 2004

Located in April 1945, it is about the history of Hitler’s last hours. With a war already lost, the fascist refuses to leave the city. That’s why the last few hours will be lived in the Berlin bunker.

With full of emotional conversations and sensations, you’ll be able to see what the most frequent uses of language are.

Lola rennt  – 1998

Another of the most appreciated in cinema. Two lovers have 20 minutes for saving their lives. Lola will be responsible for saving her boyfriend Manni who has a debt to the Mafia.

In addition to a gripping story and a frantic rhythm, you’ll see how German is used in modernity. If you understand them, you can quietly be in any conversation in that language.

Das Leben der Anderen – 2009

Finally, we have gerd Wiesler’s story, a secret police officer of the communist regime of the GDR. He is tasked with spying on a couple dedicated to acting, which raises doubts about his vision of things.

It’s an absolute test for anyone who wants to learn the language, as there are complex vocabularies and very varied situations. However, it is worth making the attempt.

As you can see, you have these movies to get started or strengthen your language. However, if you want to learn completely, your best option is to take a German course abroad. Do not think about it anymore and discover all the courses, of different levels and types, that Ynsitu has prepared for you. Check out the top 5 cities to learn German and… Start your adventure!

Best 10 Movies to Learn Spanish

Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish? And if you did, do you know that one of the most effective ways of learning the language is to watch Spanish movies? Thanks to modern streaming platforms like Netflix, you can find lots of Spanish movies to listen to tons of new words, phrases, and sentences to add to your Spanish vocabulary. In this post, you’ll find out about 10 of the best movies to learn Spanish, which have been divided into three levels, depending on your level of expertise in the language.

Spanish beginner

  1. El Laberinto del fauno

Set in war-torn Spain in 1944, El Laberinto del fauno or “Pan’s Labyrinth” is about the young Ofelia, who is told about her true identity by the faun Pan as she is exploring a maze from ancient times. The movie is as much a war story as it is a fairy tale, which makes it one of the most unique movies to get started on your Spanish-learning adventures, as it covers a great deal of vocab about fantasy, rebellion, and war. Some sections of the movie maybe a bit difficult to follow, so remember to turn on those subtitles.

  1. El orfanato

If you like horror movies that have a fair degree of drama and mystery as well, be sure to watch El orfanato or “The Orphanage”. Laura spent her childhood years in an orphanage and she has fond memories of that time. Along with her husband, she buys it to transform it into a facility/home for sick and ailing children. Not long after, her adopted son Simon, who is critically ill, disappears. The appearance of Benigna, a social worker, starts to reveal the orphanage’s horrific past.

  1. A tres metros sobre el cielo

After your war and horror experiences, why not tread the path of romance by watching A tres metros Sobre el Cielo or “Three meters above the sky”? The movie, which went on to become one of 2010’s highest-grossing Spanish movies, is in many ways like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. It’s the perfect movie to learn numerous commonly used romantic phrases.

Spanish intermediate

  1. Volver

Volver or “Return” is a Spanish cult classic, directed by the legendary Pedro Almovodar. Starring Penelope Cruz, the movie’s story is many-layered and spans three generations. The movie is known for loads of cultural references and you’ll get to learn a lot of colloquial Spanish words and phrases, which you can then use for conversing.

  1. Perfectos desconocidos

Perfectos desconocidos or “Perfect Strangers” is a comedy movie from 2017 that was a massive critical and commercial success. Directed by Alex de la Iglesia, the movie revolves around seven friends who have come together for a dinner party. To make the party exciting, the seven of them play a game that involves each one of them reading aloud incoming messages or put incoming phone calls on speaker so that everyone can hear. Just like Volver, it’s a perfect movie to brush up on your colloquial Spanish skills.

  1. Perdiendo el Norte

Here’s another comedy film to complete the list of intermediate movies for Spanish learners. Perdiendo el Norte or “Off Course” revolves around two young Spanish men, who move to Germany to make something out of their lives. Some of the themes that the movie touches on include youth unemployment, estrangement, economic emigration, language barriers, infertility, and Alzheimer’s. So you can expect to hear tons of interesting Spanish phrases and words about different subjects.

Spanish advanced

  1. Mar Adentro

Mar Adentro or “The Sea Inside” is a drama that was awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The movie revolves around the true story of Ramon Sampedro, a man who was paralyzed after an accident. Sampedro led a 28-year campaign to end his life legally and it is well-documented in the movie, which features a lot of heavy Spanish vocabulary. It’s recommended for advanced Spanish learners who want to challenge and take themselves beyond intermediate Spanish use.

  1. Ocho apellidos vascos

Released in 2014, Ocho Apellidos vascos or “Spanish Affair” is a romantic comedy movie that touches on various Spanish familial and marital traditions. Some of the themes of the movie include xenophobia, prejudices, and stereotypes. It’s one of the best movies you can watch to learn about how Spanish is spoken in Spain’s Basque region.

  1. Padre no hay mas que uno

A comedy film through and through, Padre no hay mas que uno or “Father There is Only One”, directed by Santiago Segura, revolves around a man called Javier. Javier is a husband and a father to five children who barely gives attention to his family. However, when his wife goes on a trip, he has no choice but to spend time with his kids. Numerous chaotic situations follow, but in the end, both the father and his children get to know more about each other. It’s a must-watch Spanish movie for learning numerous phrases that are typically used in family settings.

  1. Ahora o Nunca

Maria Ripoli’s Ahora o Nunca or “It’s Now or Never” is yet another romantic comedy that deals with the lives of Alex and Eva. The two, who have been happily dating for years, decide to tie the knot in a countryside village in England. However, chaos unfolds when air traffic controllers of the region go on a strike, which prevents Alex and his wedding guests from arriving at the destination. It’s one of the best Spanish movies you can watch to learn several phrases that touch on marriage formalities and romantic relationships in general.

Watching Spanish movies closely can teach you a lot not just about various Spanish words and phrases, but also how they are spoken depending on the circumstances. By practicing the words, phrases, and sentences that you’ll learn by watching these movies, you can significantly improve your listening and spoken Spanish skills. To take your Spanish learning further, it’s recommended to take a Spanish course abroad with Ynsitu; the perfect platform to practice all the Spanish you’ve learned so far and learn more.