6 Tips for Learning German

6 Tips for Learning German

We’ve always heard that learning German is not easy at all. While it’s true that it’s a challenge, it will also open up endless opportunities for your future.

If you are thinking about learning German, we bring you 6 tips to put into practice while you learn German.

1. Memorizes the structure of the sentences

There are different grammatical and sentence structure rules. Therefore, we recommend memorizing the order of prayers so that you do not have to translate it directly from your language, as this will lead to confusion.

2. Find the context of words

Whenever you learn a language, you tend to write long lists of vocabulary that you end up forgetting over time. Therefore, we advise you to try to find a context for each word to give it meaning and to be able to internalize the meaning.

3. Pay attention to prepositions

The structure of prepositions in this language are very complex. Therefore, you must identify in which case they are used (accusative, dative, or both) and to do so, it is helpful to memorize the fixed structures.

4. Remember plurals and articles

Even for the German speakers themselves, knowing which article accompanies each word is most complicated for them. However, there are different methods to identify which article should accompany each word. For example, the words finished in “-heit” are feminine. Similarly, it would happen with the formation of the plural.

5. Check any questions online

Today there are multiple tools to be able to find the meaning of words, practice and exercise, listen to songs in another language, watch series in original version and a long etc.

Therefore, we recommend you go to them to be able to develop your learning in the language and achieve all your goals.

6. Speak, speak and speak

Speaking is the best tool when it comes to learning a language. If you have the opportunity to talk to a native, we recommend that you do so. Practicing will make you less and less wrong and become fluent. Don’t be afraid to be wrong!

We hope that these tips will help you to enter the magnificent world of German. Do a daily learning so that you can enhance everything you have learned and feel satisfied.

If you are looking to acquire this language in the best possible way and faster, we recommend you to take a German course abroad. You’ll be able to reach your goals while traveling and having fun. Discover all the types of courses you will find in Ynsitu and the different destinations available to you. Learning and having fun has never been easier!

9 movies to learn German by your level

9 películas para aprender alemán según tu nivel

Germany is a country with very rich language. That’s why more and more people want to learn it. Although you will always need to know the grammatical rules and practice the different uses, there is a completely natural way to internalize the language: movies.

In particular, the German nation stood out for doing very interesting works from a cinematic point of view. His films captivated critics and viewers with very strong plots and technical resources that even Hollywood was able to envy.

However, it is also true that they are great ways to learn more about the language. When we watch a film in German, we will be understanding how the uses of language are given in everyday life. So, we decided to collect 9 fabulous movies that help you to improve your German, dividing them according to their difficulty levels.

Basic level

If you’re one of those who’s starting to learn the language, these movies will help you.

Heidi – 1993

It’s one of the most popular. It is a children’s play about Heidi, a girl who, after becoming orphaned, decides to live in the mountains with her grandfather. In that place you will meet Pedro, her adventure partner.

In this case, we’re talking about a really popular work in culture. Moreover, it’s perfect to be introduced in that language. With this familiar story, you won’t have any complications to follow the plot.

In addition, its own structure, with leisurely and simple dialogues, is perfect to you for learning the most basic vocabulary of German. Similarly, actors strive to make everyone understand them, so it’s great to get started.

Die Perlmutterfarbe – 2009

The plot takes us to 1991 in Germany. There, we will meet Alexander, a boy in his 13s who is a student at a school. However, he is interested in Lotte, he is in love with his best friend.

Through everyday conversations, you can learn the basic structures of German dialogues. Since the protagonists are children, you will see fluid and fun talks, all while you know the particularities of the Bavarian accent, since the film belongs to that region.

Das Wunder von Bern – 2003

An ideal movie for footballers. In 1954, some years after World War II ended, the country was preparing for a World Cup. In this case, we’ll see Matthias, an 11-year-old boy waiting impatiently for the Swiss-based event.

You will be able to learn a basic German, but approaching the intermediate, as it has some conversations that go out of the strictly simple. However, when you keep up with it, you’ll realize that you’ve internalized many new terms.


It’s time to take it a step further and get to know some of the best intermediate German movies.

Good bye, Lenin! – 2003

One of the most relevant films in German cinema. Its story is simple: Alex has a mother who goes into a coma months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The problem is that the doctor mentions that any upset could cause her to decompensating again.

What’s the matter? That she intensely militated communism. That’s why this child will have to recreate that everything is normal, as if the wall hadn’t fallen. It is a really important work in historical terms, which will make you incorporate a lexical wealth not suitable for beginners.

Soul Kitchen – 2009

We’ll know Zinos’ story, a young restorer from Hamburg who owns Soul Kitchen, a restaurant. However, one day his girlfriend leaves him, because he spends more time in his place than with her.

That’s why he decides to sell his establishment, which becomes Hamburg’s most famous place. This is a ideal work if you want to further refine the quality of your language.

Die Welle – 2008

Perhaps it is the most recognized film of recent years. With a school theme, there is a situation in which the danger of fascism being able to resurface, even today, is demonstrated.

With an impressive script, performances and direction, it is a work that you will greatly enjoy, but that will also serve you to understand the daily jargon, with intense and overloaded dialogues.

Advanced level

You’ve made enough progress in the language. With these movies your German will be more fluent.

Der Untergang – 2004

Located in April 1945, it is about the history of Hitler’s last hours. With a war already lost, the fascist refuses to leave the city. That’s why the last few hours will be lived in the Berlin bunker.

With full of emotional conversations and sensations, you’ll be able to see what the most frequent uses of language are.

Lola rennt  – 1998

Another of the most appreciated in cinema. Two lovers have 20 minutes for saving their lives. Lola will be responsible for saving her boyfriend Manni who has a debt to the Mafia.

In addition to a gripping story and a frantic rhythm, you’ll see how German is used in modernity. If you understand them, you can quietly be in any conversation in that language.

Das Leben der Anderen – 2009

Finally, we have gerd Wiesler’s story, a secret police officer of the communist regime of the GDR. He is tasked with spying on a couple dedicated to acting, which raises doubts about his vision of things.

It’s an absolute test for anyone who wants to learn the language, as there are complex vocabularies and very varied situations. However, it is worth making the attempt.

As you can see, you have these movies to get started or strengthen your language. However, if you want to learn completely, your best option is to take a German course abroad. Do not think about it anymore and discover all the courses, of different levels and types, that Ynsitu has prepared for you. Check out the top 5 cities to learn German and… Start your adventure!

The 5 best cities to learn German

mejores ciudades para aprender alemán


If you want to learn or perfect your German, here are the 5 best cities in Germany so you can develop all your skills in this language and learn it in an optimal way. Don’t be fooled, the best (and even unique) way to learn German well is through a stay in that country.

German is the second most spoken language in Europe after Russia. And, apart from the linguistic issue, we are increasingly seeing more people who choose to emigrate to the German country in the face of job opportunities in that country. Without a doubt, the dominance of German will open many doors for us within the world of work.

What are the top 5 cities to learn German?



According to experts, the best German (or at least the most “pure”) is spoken in Germany’s fourth largest city. This alone is a good reason for you to select Cologne as your destination to do your German course. But apart from that, Cologne is the country’s par excellence student city, so you’ll enter a fantastic atmosphere and have the opportunity to socialize and continue learning German on the street.


The great capital and one of the most impressive cities in all of Europe, both for its history, for its architectural monuments and for the mixture of cultures and social life that the city presents today. In addition, despite being the main city in the country, Berlin is notan excessively expensive city, both at the accommodation and language course level.


Frankfurt, is the financial and transport hub of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe. What do we mean by this? Well, in Frankfurt you won’t find it difficult to find a job, which makes it one of the main alternatives if you are looking to balance your German course with a job. A city full of both professional and leisure possibilities, as it also has a great life. The only con is one of the most expensive cities in Germany.


We follow our list with the historic city of Hanover. Surviving by the hair of the deep wounds of World War II, as about 90% of the city was destroyed during this war. Today, it is an excellent destination to learn German, with a neutral and pure accent, a city that has managed to recover from its past and that, not being very expensive, enters fully among the best cities to learn German. In addition, for those who like nature and the outdoors, it is one of the greenest cities in all of Germany.


Munich, the capital of southern Germany and the rich Bavarian region, is known for being the site of the popular Oktoberfest beer festival and one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, which in itself distills a great atmosphere of good vibes and lives. As for German courses, it is a great option as it has a wide range of possibilities to take courses of all kinds: schools, academies, centers of all kinds… so we haven’t been able to resist including it on the list of the best cities to learn German. And finally, if you are a football fan, you can enjoy the passion for Bayern Munich and visit its impressive stadium!


This list represents the top 5 destinations in Germany to learn German, a language, as we have said, full of possibilities and that will certainly open many doors for you in the future since at the level of industry, medicine, business world in general etc., Germany is one of the largest powers in the world that requires more and more, on the one hand, labor for your country, and on the other, business relationships with companies from the rest of the world, therefore, learning this language opens up endless options in the market.


You may know here all the German courses we offer you in Ynsitu.

. Choose from a wide variety of typologies and from a large bouquet of destinations, both those selected in this list and others, if you already have a destination in mind where you would like to take your German course.

Don’t think about it anymore, your future will thank you!