Learn languages with these board games

Aprende idiomas con estos juegos de mesa

Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring! If you like board games, it’s the perfect time to have fun while reinforcing or learning a language. You want to know how? Here are 4 fantastic board games to do it.

Guess who?

This classic board game consists of two players have a board with the same images of 24 people, one of them is assigned to each and through questions to their opponent, they must discard those photos until they finally keep one. The first one who manages to guess that person’s identity wins.

This game will go great for practicing vocabulary by asking questions and descriptions. You will see that it will be very useful because you will practice to take an official language exam.

In addition, its rules are common to all languages and there are no differences when it comes to playing. Eit’s the perfect way to improve fluency and enrich your vocabulary.


If we talk about word board games, Scrabble is the winner par excellence. You’ll have to try to form words with different letters, so it’ll be easy to do it in the language of your choice. At first it will be a bit complicated, but you will see how little by little you will flow and improve.

Did you know that there are world Scrabble competitions for a foreign language? Want to know the key to winning? Memorize words from the dictionary of the language you’re going to play in. No one can take you down!

If you want to add a point of difficulty, you can try defining each word that you are managing to form.

Apples to Apples

Players start with seven “red apple” cards, which feature nouns. A player is chosen to be the first judge and the player plays with a “green apple” card, which contains an adjective. The round is won when the “red apple” card that the judge determines is the one that best matches the “green apple” card. The role of judge is rotating and the number of rounds is determined by the number of players.

If you are looking to improve your vocabulary, this is definitely a perfect game to learn a large number of adjectives and nouns. The harder the word, the more excitement the game will have!


It is a traditional board game in which a player says one letter and another selects a category. The objective of the game is to try to say or write in a given time as many possible words related to the category that start with the chosen letter. You can play in any language!

If you’re looking to win, you’ll need to put the first words that come to mind and the rarer and harder the better, as you’ll add more points. Also, you’ll have to be very quick so your rivals don’t have time to put words in and add fewer points than you do.

To practice more, you can add rules such as describing each word or translating it into different languages.

If you want to learn vocabulary in a fun way, you will definitely get one of these games.

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Expand your network of contacts and your horizons through English courses abroad

With your childhood friends, schoolmates and even work, your social media acquaintances have become many and diversified with your growth. But has it happened to your mind to have a network with international contacts? Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can achieve this by taking English courses abroad, which, by the way, will bring you great advantages.

Today, having contacts abroad is easier than you can imagine and its usefulness is huge, it allows you to know different cultures, learn languages and maybe even move from the country!

How to expand your network of international contacts?

You can expect some foreign people to come to your school, colony or job and start interacting with them. Maybe some friend moves to another country, but if this doesn’t happen, you’ll have to take the lead.

The fastest way to make friends and expand your contacts is to take some language course abroad. They are short, accessible and do not require a specialized academic basis, can you imagine living unique experiences in another country at the same time as you learn? Then add even more benefits!

You can travel more, in security and economy

By concentrating people from many regions of the world in one place, Multicultural exchange is encouraged and friendly ties are strengthened by sharing peerless experiences imagine studying English and learning to say good days in Norwegian with your friend from Oslo, or to thank your friends in Berlin in German!

At the end of the course, the close ties will continue thanks to social networks. Your next trip could be to Sydney with colleagues who, in addition to offering you accommodation, will take you to the best places in your city and introduce you to other close contacts –around the world may be possible!

Experience learning

If you knew many countries you wouldn’t have to memorize their capitals, their currency or their food, because you would have lived and experienced it. Something very similar happens to your foreign contacts who tell you about their country in a vivid and colorful way as if you were there. Dream when one of your acquaintances describes the Northern Lights in Iceland and enjoys a delicious hot Wan Tan soup that according to your friend from Beijing means “swallowing the clouds”.

Keep your international contacts interacting regularly with them. The possibilities for conversation have no limits: gastronomy, tourism, ideologies, customs, etc.

Amplia tu red de contactos con un curso de inglés en el extranjero

Linguistic fluency

The language professed you have achieved when studying English abroad may decrease without practice. Learning a language is an ongoing process and having friends to talk is a valuable tool that will give you enough confidence to speak it professionally without having to go through stuttering, scrambled stomach or sweaty hands. Imagine performing comfortably between friends and colleagues speaking English in a confident and fluid way, super!

Accompaniment across continents

Knowing that you have a friend in an unknown city is a very valuable support when you are alone or for facing a new experience. Being able to call one of them to inform you of the working, study or living conditions of the country you are going to reach paves the way and gives you confidence. Seeing a familiar face in a faraway place and having a coffee with it is a privilege you can have!

On a professional level

With international networking you will have potential opportunities to study or get work in other countries.

When you enter college your network of contacts is made up of peers who will be your colleagues. In close internships contact with professionals in that area, they can be the basis for boosting your career. But imagine if you also include in your network international friends that you have met in different visits or courses outside the country, they would greatly enrich your chances of growth!

Studying English abroad will give you the opportunity to share a network with people studying or working in other countries, which creates endless possibilities when it comes to sharing information or knowledge. Requesting help and giving it to others is forming a strong relationship and positioning that in the near future translates into access to better job or business opportunities.

This network gives you access to successful job interviews, as a recommendation from our contact is an improvement on your resume.

Stay in touch

You already have more friends in your network, don’t lose them! Maintain regular communication with them and offer them some interest in each conversation. You may be closer to each other than to each other, but remember that you never know the twists and turns of life, keep the relationship alive!

And how do I go on a foreign course?

There are agencies that organize study trips abroad, have agreements with established schools and only operate in certain cities. You can start your Google search and hire all the services separately, which takes time away from you and offers no guarantee.

The best you can do to hire your course through Ynsitu, the marketplace that has all the offer of courses abroad of any language and in any destination.

Just enter, choose the language you want to learn, the country where to learn it and the type of course you want to take. We will provide you with all the detailed information about the courses, the accommodations available, the opinions of other users and calculate the total cost! Nothing easier!

The best time to study English abroad is…

Today!!! No matter your age, it’s never too late to learn a language.

We all like to travel and meet other people and other cultures. Studying English in another country is like savoring bits of the world in every student we live with and that has no expiration limit.

With Ynsitu, expand your international contacts and develop links. Take English courses abroad and… get the world!

50 quotes about travelling

We present to you a small compilation of phrases that inspire you to travel and get out of the routine and comfort zone. We hope you like them!

50 best inspirational travel quotes

50 quotes about travelling

  1. Travel, life is short and the world is huge.
  2. A trip is an opportunity to learn and to return with thousand stories.
  3. Every adventure begins with a yes.
  4. Travel, money recovers, time doesn't.
  5. Everything in excess isn't good... less travel.
  6. Same sun and a million dawns to discover.
  7. There is no trip that doesn't come for good.
  8. It¡s better to live with a "do you remember?" than with a "do you imagine?".
  9. Life is better with a suitcase in your hand.
  10. Escape and breathe the air from new places.
  11. Don't travel to escape from life, travel so that life doesn't escape you.
  12. Which seems crazy today will be one of your best memories tomorrow.
  13. Do what you really want, limits are mental.
  14. Dare to miss flight home.
  15. The urge to travel is one of the best symptoms of being alive.
  16. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting you to be discovered.
  17. Those who believe in magic are willing to find it.
  18. Learning a language and traveling are two mind-opening habits.
  19. Those who know how to live, spend their lives travelling.
  20. Travel and learn as much and as far as you can.
  21. Travelling is the most intense form of learning.
  22. Fills your life with moments that take your breath away.
  23. Stamps in your passport are tattoos on your soul.
  24. Travelling is not escaping, it's meeting.
  25. Travelling is adding life to life.
  26. Travel is the answer to any question.
  27. Travelling is investing in happiness.
  28. There is no journey that doesn't change something.
  29. Travelling is rebelling against routine.
  30. To stay is to exist, but to travel is to be alive.
  31. Travel expands your mind.
  32. The world is a book, and those who don't travel only read one page.
  33. Travelling serves to adjust the imagination to reality and to see things as they are instead of thinking about how they will be.
  34. Die with memories, not with dreams.
  35. If you're going to spin something, spin the world.
  36. We travel to change, not only a place, but also ideas.
  37. Travelling puts an end to prejudice, intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
  38. Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages.
  39. To travel is to change the soul's clothes.
  40. Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
  41. Travelling is learning, exploring and living.
  42. Dream big, travel more.
  43. When you return to a place that hasn't changed, you will realize how you've changed.
  44. At least once a year, you have to go somewhere you've never been before.
  45. A book is like a journey, it starts with restlessness and it ends with melancholy.
  46. The world is a book that you read with your feet.
  47. The desire to travel never runs out.
  48. This world is too big to spend time in one place.
  49. Allows every language, every place and every culture to become part of you.
  50. Travelling first leaves you speechless and then makes you a storyteller.

It’s not just about discovering wonderful places and having unique experiences, it’s also about learning different cultures and languages. Travelling is certainly the best option to be able to master a language, and what is a better way to do it than study language abroad abroad with Ynsitu. Discover the 11 languages you can learn with us and all the types of courses and destinations that are waiting for you. It’s time to embark on your adventure!

5 best destinations to study Italian

Mejores destinos para estudiar Italiano

Study a language other than the maternal language is a real delight for people who value the magic of language. Learning a new language is a different way to see the world. It’s an experience you can make even more spectacular if you do the course in a country where that language you want to learn is the official language.

The reasons are obvious: the best place to take an Italian course it’s Italy. In this country you will not only find yourself with the possibility of learning a new language, but you will soak up a rich culture of several centuries that encompasses the ultimate expression of human manifestations such as art, fashion, food and ancienthistory.

Top 5 destinations in Italy to take an Italian course abroad

We have chosen five beautiful Italian cities that you have surely heard of, each of them has its particular charm and your stay there can be an unforgettable experience for multiple reasons.

Florence, the cradle of art

Do you want to travel abroad to learn another language and besides that you are an art lover? We have the perfect city for you, it is the magnificent Italian city of Florence.

Florence is practically a breathing work of art. Saying it’s the cradle of rebirth Italian it’s just a common place. Florence at the time was considered the capital of Europe. Its history of splendor dates back to the Middle Ages, in which it was constituted as one of the most important cultural, artistic and economic centres in Europe

Florence’s historic center consists of Romanesque and Gothic-style buildings. Many of these buildings are more than nine centuries old. During the Renaissance, there lived cult artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and his students, Miguel Angel, Donatello, Botticelli and Giovanni Boccaccio, to name just a few.

For someone who wants to learn Italian, Florence offers a wide range of prestigious academies. The climate is humid tropical and connects very well with the Latin temperament.

Siena, small, charming and ideal for an Italian course abroad

Piazza del Campo, Siena Cathedral and siena’s Communal Palace are some of the buildings that can sum up the imposing beauty of this ancient city. Gothic and Romanesque architecture predominates in its surroundings; in its museums you can find works by the great artists of the Renaissance.

Another attraction of this destination is its wide gastronomic offer, which includes the most exquisite Tuscan wines and its pasta and bread preparations based on the best wheat. There you can not miss the internationally known Palio, which is a horse race around Piazza del Campo.

This event dates back to the Renaissance, at a time when religious authorities banned all violent manifestations such as bulls, the Palio was instead created. In the present, Siena is a city of just over 50,000 inhabitants. Her lifestyle is quiet, making her a good destination for study the Italian language..

Rome, a city open abroad

The city of Rome does not need a cover letter. It’s perhaps the Italian city par excellence. In its time of splendor it was the capital of the civilized world and in it oozes the weight of an ancient history. In Rome you can enjoy in all its splendor Italian food and culture. It has a huge number of historical sites such as the famous Roman Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museums.

Rome was founded in 753 a. C.; its artistic, cultural and social history is an archetype of the entire West. Today, Rome prides itself on its immeasurable past and welcomes people from all over the world who come for various reasons such as tourism, business, pleasure and education.

The offer of institutions to learn Italian in Rome it’s huge. Options can be found for virtually all audiences. Without a doubt, this city will open your mind and you will fill your own story with unforgettable moments framed by immortal scenarios.

Milan, a stylish city

Milan is one of the great metropolises of northern Italy. It is the capital of the state of Lombardy. This entire region is recognized for having extensive economic development and industrialized urban centers. Milan is the capital of fashion and design and its tradition goes back far back in time.

Milan is the second most populous city in Italy and is the financial center of the country. It was founded around 400 a. C. and has a rich history worthy of its millennial age. It was originally founded by Gallic peoples who settled in that area for its strategic location as a trade route. Later the Romans claimed the city to have control of the route.

During the Middle Ages it became the most important city in Italy. This period is known as the Duchy of Milan or Milanese. Today, Milan is a modern city of seven million inhabitants characterized by its industry and good taste.

Imagine studying Italian in Milan and getting to know first-hand what his exquisite lifestyle means. In addition you can visit art galleries and museums, as well as restaurants and other historical sites with various attractions..

Syracuse, an ancient gem

Syracuse is a legendary city located on the island of Sicily. As tourist attractions, it has a lot of Greek and Roman ruins. In ancient times it was a strategic point for trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

Every year thousands of tourists come there to appreciate the wonders of its archaeological museums and temples dedicated to Greek deities such as Apollo. Syracuse is today a city with a quiet lifestyle and a sustainable cost of living for those who come there to conduct language courses.

Besides, did you know that Italian is one of eight languages that will boost your career?

Don’t think about it anymore! Italy is the destination you want to reach. With Ynsitu you can compare and choose from all the options to take an Italian course

in this wonderful country.

Best 10 Movies to Learn Spanish

Have you ever wanted to learn Spanish? And if you did, do you know that one of the most effective ways of learning the language is to watch Spanish movies? Thanks to modern streaming platforms like Netflix, you can find lots of Spanish movies to listen to tons of new words, phrases, and sentences to add to your Spanish vocabulary. In this post, you’ll find out about 10 of the best movies to learn Spanish, which have been divided into three levels, depending on your level of expertise in the language.

Spanish beginner

  1. El Laberinto del fauno

Set in war-torn Spain in 1944, El Laberinto del fauno or “Pan’s Labyrinth” is about the young Ofelia, who is told about her true identity by the faun Pan as she is exploring a maze from ancient times. The movie is as much a war story as it is a fairy tale, which makes it one of the most unique movies to get started on your Spanish-learning adventures, as it covers a great deal of vocab about fantasy, rebellion, and war. Some sections of the movie maybe a bit difficult to follow, so remember to turn on those subtitles.

  1. El orfanato

If you like horror movies that have a fair degree of drama and mystery as well, be sure to watch El orfanato or “The Orphanage”. Laura spent her childhood years in an orphanage and she has fond memories of that time. Along with her husband, she buys it to transform it into a facility/home for sick and ailing children. Not long after, her adopted son Simon, who is critically ill, disappears. The appearance of Benigna, a social worker, starts to reveal the orphanage’s horrific past.

  1. A tres metros sobre el cielo

After your war and horror experiences, why not tread the path of romance by watching A tres metros Sobre el Cielo or “Three meters above the sky”? The movie, which went on to become one of 2010’s highest-grossing Spanish movies, is in many ways like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. It’s the perfect movie to learn numerous commonly used romantic phrases.

Spanish intermediate

  1. Volver

Volver or “Return” is a Spanish cult classic, directed by the legendary Pedro Almovodar. Starring Penelope Cruz, the movie’s story is many-layered and spans three generations. The movie is known for loads of cultural references and you’ll get to learn a lot of colloquial Spanish words and phrases, which you can then use for conversing.

  1. Perfectos desconocidos

Perfectos desconocidos or “Perfect Strangers” is a comedy movie from 2017 that was a massive critical and commercial success. Directed by Alex de la Iglesia, the movie revolves around seven friends who have come together for a dinner party. To make the party exciting, the seven of them play a game that involves each one of them reading aloud incoming messages or put incoming phone calls on speaker so that everyone can hear. Just like Volver, it’s a perfect movie to brush up on your colloquial Spanish skills.

  1. Perdiendo el Norte

Here’s another comedy film to complete the list of intermediate movies for Spanish learners. Perdiendo el Norte or “Off Course” revolves around two young Spanish men, who move to Germany to make something out of their lives. Some of the themes that the movie touches on include youth unemployment, estrangement, economic emigration, language barriers, infertility, and Alzheimer’s. So you can expect to hear tons of interesting Spanish phrases and words about different subjects.

Spanish advanced

  1. Mar Adentro

Mar Adentro or “The Sea Inside” is a drama that was awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The movie revolves around the true story of Ramon Sampedro, a man who was paralyzed after an accident. Sampedro led a 28-year campaign to end his life legally and it is well-documented in the movie, which features a lot of heavy Spanish vocabulary. It’s recommended for advanced Spanish learners who want to challenge and take themselves beyond intermediate Spanish use.

  1. Ocho apellidos vascos

Released in 2014, Ocho Apellidos vascos or “Spanish Affair” is a romantic comedy movie that touches on various Spanish familial and marital traditions. Some of the themes of the movie include xenophobia, prejudices, and stereotypes. It’s one of the best movies you can watch to learn about how Spanish is spoken in Spain’s Basque region.

  1. Padre no hay mas que uno

A comedy film through and through, Padre no hay mas que uno or “Father There is Only One”, directed by Santiago Segura, revolves around a man called Javier. Javier is a husband and a father to five children who barely gives attention to his family. However, when his wife goes on a trip, he has no choice but to spend time with his kids. Numerous chaotic situations follow, but in the end, both the father and his children get to know more about each other. It’s a must-watch Spanish movie for learning numerous phrases that are typically used in family settings.

  1. Ahora o Nunca

Maria Ripoli’s Ahora o Nunca or “It’s Now or Never” is yet another romantic comedy that deals with the lives of Alex and Eva. The two, who have been happily dating for years, decide to tie the knot in a countryside village in England. However, chaos unfolds when air traffic controllers of the region go on a strike, which prevents Alex and his wedding guests from arriving at the destination. It’s one of the best Spanish movies you can watch to learn several phrases that touch on marriage formalities and romantic relationships in general.

Watching Spanish movies closely can teach you a lot not just about various Spanish words and phrases, but also how they are spoken depending on the circumstances. By practicing the words, phrases, and sentences that you’ll learn by watching these movies, you can significantly improve your listening and spoken Spanish skills. To take your Spanish learning further, it’s recommended to take a Spanish course abroad with Ynsitu; the perfect platform to practice all the Spanish you’ve learned so far and learn more.

Top tips on language course

There are a lot of things you need to take into account before starting your language course abroad. Here are some top tips from Ynsitu that will serve you well  before, during and after doing your language course.


Take into account that what you do before your trip should be related to what you´ll do during and after.

Reflect on your interests, likes and needs and take decisions accordingly. Consider all you need to do before you travel so that your trip turns out not only as you would hope but surpassing all your expectations.

No one knows you better than yourself, think of the things you might need for your journey and pack them. However at the same time take into consideration your own comfort while traveling. Try to travel light taking only what you deem as essential. What is truly important doesn´t depend on what you bring but what you will find in the country you have decided to take your language course?



Take advantage of all the opportunities that arise, don´t miss a second of entertainment. If, during your stay in your selected country, you have the chance to experience the local nightlife with your new friends, do it, go out and have fun! However don´t let this interfere with your language course.

Know your limits don´t let going out affect your ability to get up the next day for classes.  A healthy balance will lead you to getting to know new people whilst learning and improving on your language of choice and having a truly unforgettable experience.



Consolidate your experiences and their benefits. Once you have finished your trip and it´s time to go home, stay in contact with the people you have made friends with during the course. Carry on practicing the language that you’ve learnt so that you can keep alive the amazing experience you have had thanks to Ynsitu.

But above all ENJOY.