Top tips for socializing abroad

So, you’ve taken the big step of deciding to study a language abroad, you have everything ready: suitcase, passport, those´ just in case´ essentials…everything. It is at this point that you start worrying “How will I make new friends? I’m not going to know anyone! What if they don’t understand me?” but you mustn´t panic, here are some useful tips on how to get to know and socialise with people from other countries:


1) Be a bit daring

Don’t be scared, don’t let your nerves take over and stop you from maximising from the incredible experience of travelling to a foreign country and getting to know the people there. Of course it’s normal to feel a little nervous whilst embarking on this new and exciting experience and sometimes it’s difficult to take the first step when you have to break the ice with new people.

However there is no better way to learn a language than being fully immersed in the culture.  Be open to meeting and socialising with new people and you’ll see  how you manage to achieve your language goals at the same time as having a truly unforgettable and  rewarding experience.


2) Getting to know people

Whilst studying in a foreign country, whatever language you are studying, it’s important that you develop your communicative skills because this is the main point of studying abroad as it is the best way to learn and improve in a language.

One of the best ways to socialise with the people you meet is to maintain a healthy balance between giving relevant and interesting information about yourself and showing an interest in and asking people about themselves.  Getting to know your classmates and local people and their cultures means you will all learn from each other.

Tell people about your culture, customs and traditions but also about your daily routines, free time and hobbies.  This will not only open the doors for learning a new language but also in the process you will be getting to know new people and having a  rich and interesting cultural experience.



3) Grab each opportunity as they arise

You will be given many opportunities to interact with your classmates and local people. There will be a time and place for everything, academic and personal pursuits.

There will be interesting situations where not only are you learning and practising the language but also initiating contact with many new people who can share their different experiences and perspectives leading to fun and stimulating conversations.


4) Keep up to date

Take advantage of this experience to learn new things and update your knowledge. It is also a good idea to keep a record of your experiences on your social networks. Make friends on your social networks with the new people you meet.

You may not see them for a long once the course is finished and so why not stay in touch with them online. Not only in the short term will this help you to strike up friendships during the course but it also means that you can maintain long term contact with the people you meet and continue practising the language, continue reaching your goals, whilst maintaining your friendship.


5) Share your experience

Adding a bit more to the subject of social networks, in Ynsitu we can vouch for the positive outcomes that come from keeping your friends and followers informed on your  new and exciting exploits . Share all the new and wonderful experiences that you have;  photos, what you’re learning, your thoughts and insights of  your positive experiences. This will help build a bigger and fuller picture of your trip and in turn will interest all with whom you´ve shared.

Whenever possible get the most out of what you´re doing but remember the famous quote from Alexander Supertramp from Into the Wild. “ Happiness is only real when it´s shared.” So, don´t be shy, share your daily experiences online, take a selfie with your classmates and teachers. There is a time and place for everything, grab those unique moments and share them.


We hope that this advice helps open a world full of opportunities and exciting experiences for you. The world is your oyster with Ynsitu!

Also, discover the skills you will acquire by studying abroad.


Reasons to study a language abroad

Studying a language in another country is an unforgettable experience.  Leaving your comfort zone you get to know yourself better and you improve your language skills much faster compared to studying in an academy in your home town. But if you´re still not sure whether to take the plunge and go on this new adventure, here are five reasons why you should do a language course abroad:

1) Extend your learning by getting to know people from all over the world

One of the best ways to study a language abroad is by getting to know people from different parts of the world. The schools take students from many different countries and all of them are there to learn the same language as you. This gives you the opportunity get to know different points of view, and different cultures, so not only do you learn a language but also you are totally immersed in an international environment opening yourself up to new experiences.

2) You won´t only learn a language but how to live and breathe another culture

Language forms just a small part of the culture of a place. It is important that you not only learn a language but that you also live it by immersing yourself in the culture. Learn the customs and traditions from the inside; their food, history and all there is to discover from the local people. Become world experienced, you will end up having plenty of stories to tell.

3) You will live new and exciting experiences that will lead you to never forgetting what you´ve learnt

The experiences that have made an impression on our lives we never forget and you will surely never forget the first time you visited a foreign country, left your home and comfort zone to put yourself out into the world.

4) You will make lifelong friends

One of the advantages of learning a language away from home is that being on your own in a foreign country you end up finding a new circle of friends, an international family where you open up more to and start up friendships that last due to your pool of shared experiences. Keeping up with these friends is now made easy due to social networks and with luck you will have places to stay in many different parts of the planet allowing you to continue practising the language.

5) Put your learning into context and you will learn faster

This is the most obvious reason why studying a language abroad is the best option. Once you travel to a foreign country with your mission being to learn the language, suddenly you will be totally surrounded in what you’re learning. Without other distractions you´ll see how your learning speeds up when you are wholly concentrated on this direct form of learning. Your range of vocabulary will widen dramatically as you have to directly put into practise what you learn. Instinctively you will want to understand what is going on around you.