Why does learning languages make you smarter?

¿Por qué estudiar idiomas te hace más inteligente?

Learning languages abroad helps develop intelligence by streamlining the way we reason, as well as enabling our brain to perform demanding or heavy tasks successfully, such as solving complex problems and planning. Here’s why learning languages makes you smarter than the rest.

There are hundreds of reasons why a language should be learned, but it is true that, for example, improved memory, attention span, anda lower risk of cognitive decline are among the most important benefits we might consider, related to intelligence, by mastering two or more languages.

A large number of evidence suggests that bilingualism (having learned two languages) is associated with the delay of diagnosed dementia. One of these studies is that of Ellen Bialystok, a professor at York University, who concluded that dementia can be delayed by up to 5 years when two languages are known, up to 6 years to know three languages and up to 9 years of knowing four or more languages.

Another medical study by Harvard University even found unknown benefits so far. He found that bilingual adults contain more white matter in their frontal lobes, than monolinguals (those who handle a single language), and that their temporal lobes (important for language function) are better preserved.

Other scientific evidence has also shown that knowing more than one language can change the way we perceive the world and that people behave differently depending on the language they are speaking. Learning more than one language has also been shown to stimulate self-awareness and self-esteem, making it easier to empathize and adapt to situations more effectively.

A developed experiment at Hong Kong Polytechnic University found that native Chinese students who spoke fluent English behaved more extrovertedly and openly when chatting with English interviewers, while their reaction when interviewed by Chinese was less energetic.

Learning two, three or more of four languages, allows you a range of social and work possibilities for life, as well as in the cognitive aspect, as they allow you to position yourself as a smarter and healthier person, with greater possibilities, compared to other people or candidates, depending on the environment in which you develop. Here are other proven benefits based on the premise that learning languages makes you smarter:

Control of Emotions

By mastering more than one language, you have greater ability to control or regulate negative emotions. When bilingual people switch to a second language, it also changes the way they experience emotions, they start thinking about a foreign language.

Brain’s Ability to Change Tasks Faster

A study by   Child Development found that children who speak two or more languages can change tasks more quickly. In this study, children were asked to observe images of animals or colorful figures on a screen. They were asked to press a button to change the images, children who speak a second language showed greater agility.

Brain Growth

At Lund University in Sweden, researchers conducted a study comparing a group of university students versus a group of people of the same age, who learned a second language in thirteen months. After three months of study of both groups, both were mri scanned and it was observed that while the brain structure of college students remained unchanged, certain areas of the brain from whom they had learned a second language had grown, such as the hippocampus and three areas of the cerebral cortex.

Make More Reasoned Decisions

People who think of a language other than their native language are more likely to make a rational than emotional decision; this was evident in a 2012 research by the journal   Psychological Studies.

Process Words Faster

Bilingual people, or who are fluent in more than two languages (polyglots), have the ability to process words more quickly, especially if the word in question has the same meaning in both languages. This study according to Psychological Science was backed by eye movement technology to discover that bilinguals or polyglots spend less time observing so-called “cognates”.

According to Scientific American, the brain of those who master two or more words, it takes less time to process a word.

Capacity and Creativity in Children

Research published in   the International Journal of Bilingualism found that bilingual children perform better in tasks involving creativity and problem-solving ability.

Mental Agility That Endures with the Years

According to a study   published by Annals of Neurology, intelligence tests were conducted on participants whose native language was English; first at age 11, and for the second time when they turned 70. Those participants who spoke more   than one language showed greater cognitive ability relative to their base level versus monolingual participants.

Do you now see how important and beneficial it is to learn and master a foreign language? Cheer up and do it! And what better than to do it in a foreign country, with a not very high budget, through one of the programs we have for you?

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What is the best country to learn English in summer?

«I want to learn English in summer, but where can I go?» This is one of the most repeated questions for these dates among those looking to improve their level of English. No matter the level or purpose: from beginners to people with a more advanced level, workers who need English for business or students looking to prepare for a degree, everyone takes advantage of the holidays to be able to progress with the language.

However, doubts begin to arise when we start looking for courses and see the countless possibilities that we have at our disposal. Which country will do me better? Will it be hard for me to go that far? At Ynsitu we want to help you make the best decision, so we’ve prepared some tips to make it easier for you to choose an English course abroad.

How do I decide to choose a country to learn English in summer?

When choosing a place to learn English in summer we must take into account various factors that will make the most of a unique experience. Each person has their own tastes and needs, so you should carefully choose the language course abroad that best suits what you are looking for.


Budget plays a big role when we have to choose a country to learn English in summer. Not only are we talking about the price of the course, which may vary by country or specialization (standard, intensive, business, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.). It is also important to take into account the expenses that you will have during your stay.

You should ask yourself if you are going to find accommodation on your own or it is included with the English course. Besides, how expensive is daily life in that country? Food, public transport, leisure, etc. are factors that can greatly vary the budget of a stay in another country.


As you well know, there are many accents scattered around the world when it comes to speakingEnglish, even within the same country. It’s hard for a week-long course in English to stick your local accent, as standard English is usually taught in classes, but you can get to be out for a year.

This way, you’re not only going to practice English in class anymore, but you’ll havestimuli to learn English in summer during your day-to-day life, chatting with locals and people who are studying English abroad.


You must look for a country in which to accommodate your culture does not pose you much problem. There are people who adapt to any situation: for them this aspect is no problem when studying abroad.

Of course, if you are interested in the culture of a particular country and are excited about the idea of living it there in person, we invite you to choose a course to learn English in summer there: it can be an unforgettable experience!


The location is partly related to the budget we have to learn English in summer. If we decide to go to a very distant or poorly connected country, it is very likely that the cost of transportation to our destination will be greatly increased.

In addition, the following situation can occur: what happens if to learn English in summer you decide to go to New Zealand or South Africa? Don’t forget when packing: leave beach towels at home and put boots and coat in.

Best countries to learn English in summer by continent

It is very difficult to stay with a single country to learn English in summer: they all have their own characteristics that make them suitable for each person. For this reason, in Ynsitu we wanted to make you a selection by continents.

Europe: England

The country of fish and chips, Big Ben and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Of course, England isn’t just that:it’s the country of colossal cities like London and more collected corners like Brighton.

Oh, and don’t panic for time! In summer, the sun does rise, even if you don’t believe it.

America: United States

We cross the puddle to the United States, where you can learn English in summer in one of the 50 states that make up the country. Are you more west coast or East Coast? Get lost among New York’s skyscrapers or learn to surf off the Californian coast – all while studying English!

Asia: India

From the United States we take the plane and fly to India, where many of different cultures and religions have lived for millennia. Soak up its cultural richness across the country: you have many miles to go!

Africa: South Africa

Next we move to the southernmost point of the African continent. If you take advantage of summer to go to South Africa to learn English, we recommend wearing warm clothes, as we’ve warned you before: that’s winter!

Oceania: Australia

Finally, we fly to the other part of the world, to the land down under. Get ready to see a country that doesn’t look like this world, full of inimitable fauna and flora on other continents, and an exceptional quality of life.

By the way, don’t forget to try Vegemite. They say it costs at first, but then you can’t stop eating.

Learn English in summer with Ynsitu

In Ynsitu we want to make your trip to learn English in summer as easy as possible. For that reason, we have a search engine where you can choose from hundreds of courses spread across many countries. The best? That you can book with us, without having to resort to agencies, and at no added cost!

If you need more information about us, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out this form or by phone. Our team will take care of all your doubts. We’re waiting for you!

10 Countries to Learn English Economically

In Ynsitu, we know all the benefits it can bring you study English abroad, that’s why we tell you what are the top 10 countries to learn English economically, and that not only are they useful to you to learn English, but to delve into its culture and why not, you can also working and learning English at the same time.

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought about the possibility of studying abroad and nothing better than doing it in some of the cheap places to learn English.

Whether we want to do it to expand our career or as a personal development.

So, do you want to know the cheap places to learn English? Go ahead!

10 Countries to Learn Cheap English


In Germany you can study cheap English within a country that invests in youth. You will notice that here the new trends are presented every day, and that its younger population stands out for being very original and with a high level of creativity.

It is one of the most selected destinations by international students looking to study English abroad. In addition, it offers one of the best English courses abroad,with the possibility to study the native language in your spare time.


One of the countries to learn cheap English and one of the most popular today is Australia. If you are going to study English for more than 3 weeks, you must have a tourist visa, in case you are going to spend more time in your language courses you must have a student visa.

It’s important to have this documentation, especially if you plan to work when you finish the English program.


One of the cheap places to learn English is precisely Canada. And it is not only in one of the best places to learnEnglish, but it is considered one of the safest countries around the world and the best destinations to live according to the UN.

To this we can add that it has one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, with its snow, forests, mountains and lakes. All this makes it one of the best countries to learn cheap English.

United States

Without a doubt, The United States is one of the cheap places to learn English and the best choice of cheap foreign English.

And it is one of the perfect destinations for those students who wish to go further, cross the ocean to know the language and culture of this country from the inside.


India is another cheap place to learn English,thanks to its extensive academic offering. Although you should consider that, in smaller cities you probably won’t find many people who communicate in this language.

Studying English in another country like India is a perfect opportunity to travel to this magnificent destination.


Many international students are approaching Ireland in search of where to study cheap English. Here you will find people from different cultures, with which you can share a few unique moments.

This is one of the cheap places to learn English that have a high turnout, as the prestige of their language courses go beyond their borders. Its education system is one of the best in Europe.


Malta is one of the cheap places to learn English,therefore it is one of the destinations most demanded by students. As in ancient times it was a British colony, English is one of its official languages.

The standard of living in this country is one of the most economical in the region. Its prices are affordable, which makes it one of the best places to study English.

New Zealand

New Zealand‘s education system is one of the best in the region, so it’s one of the cheap places to learn English. In addition, the cost of living in this country is low.

It’s not hard here to combine studies with work. It’s definitely a star destination.

South Africa

This is not only one of the countries to learn cheap English,but it is also an exotic destination that attracts the attention of many students.

We recommend that you purchase the course in South Africa with the inclusion of health insurance, as the quality of public health is not the best and do not possess Social Security as we know it.

South Africans speak British English. In addition, this country has high quality courses at low costs.

England: one of the cheap places to learn English

We couldn’t leave England on the outside. Well, in this we can find an accent of easy understanding, compared to the other accents.

If you want to study the language while getting a job, we tell you that this country has a wide range of jobs. And here you can get not only the best English course,but you also have the option to practice it and get more dexterity.

Have you already decided on any of the cheap places to learn English from this list? If your answer is positive, just contact us and we advise you on everything you need.

The best cities to learn a language

Have you made the decision to take a language course abroad and don’t know where to go? If you don’t want to see another post with typical destinations like London, New York, Dublin… You’ve come to the right place, because it’s so important to decide which language course best suits your needs as you choose a good destination.

Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Bristol, United Kingdom

To speak of the United Kingdom, for most, is to talk about London. However, this country has many more great destinations to offer to do an English course abroad, such as Bristol.

Bristol is a very interesting city, with many musical attractions, all kinds of festivals that pay tribute to music and beer, as well as an infinite number of theatres and pubs that sometimes merge into the best festivals of the British summer.


Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Auckland, New Zealand

This city is wonderful for many reasons, not only because it is located in the amazing New Zealand, but also because it also offers a whole series of tourist attractions that are mostly totally natural places and at the same time of great beauty.

If you are also looking for a destination to try gastronomic delights that you would never have tried before and discover an incredible natural world, this city is a perfect place.

As if that weren’t enough, Auckland has also hosted and located for the filming of epic films like The Hobbit, so no doubt few cities could be as original to learn a new language, like Auckland.


Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

San Francisco, United States

When thinking of U.S. cities, many people can think of many destinations, but if a destination to do a language course abroad that is quiet, attractive, modern, welcoming, with a healthy lifestyle and an unmatched number of iconic places, San Francisco is definitely the best choice. Trams, the Golden Gate, the Bay, the NFL, NBA and MLB football, basketball and baseball teams respectively are just some of the world-famous attractions this city has, so it’s definitely one of the best destinations for traveling to study languages abroad.


Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Brisbane, Australia

It is a magnificent city, very modern and at the same time quite small and manageable. Unlike Sydney, Brisbane is a city where you can easily guide yourself, so in addition to the language course and the different activities you can do, you can also explore the city for yourself. There is a whole world of nightlife combined with interesting sports activities such as surfing and hiking.


Vancouver, Canada

When we talk about Canada many people automatically think about Toronto, but the truth is that today Vancouver has been gaining a lot of prominence for its economic growth. On the other hand, it is a very dynamic city where daily you can see people practicing many sports and various outdoor activities such as snowboarding and running.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Vancouver and its charm.

Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Paris, France

Our French courses in Paris are a great opportunity to discover the city of love and improve your French. Much has been written about Paris, but nothing can come close to describing the beauty and charm of the French capital. You’ll have to know her for yourself, immerse yourself in her daily hustle and bustle and breathe her culture. Like other students of our French courses, in Paris you will be able to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Champs Elysees to fall in love with the city. Get lost in Montmartre, discover le Mur des Je T’aime and eat a crep.

A French course in Paris is the perfect way to expand your language skills while enjoying an amazing holiday. Why not explore this great city and its surroundings, while developing your language skills?

Las mejores ciudades para aprender un idioma

Munich, Germany

This city, the economic center of Germany, hides multiple charms. Its typical architecture of the Bavarian region, multiple shops, nightclubs and its famous breweries make this place an ideal place to take your German course abroad. This city has better levels of quality of life, do you want to check it with your own eyes?

Not to mention its most famous party, exported worldwide, The Oktoberfest! Made in the months of September and October where the whole city is a party, for something in this region is produced 25% of the beer from all over Germany.

If you want a different destination to learn German, Munich is your place.


Don’t think about it anymore and hire a language course abroad through Ynsitu!

6 psychological benefits you acquire by studying a language

Studying a second language gives you multiple benefits. This is because it is a constant workout for your brain, stimulating neural growth and its connections. Did you know that it can delay the effects of aging and the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s?

All people are trained to get started in a new language, although it is true that some have more facilities than others, but with effort and dedication, anything is possible.

6 psychological benefits you acquire by studying a language

  • Mental agility

It protects your brain from dementia and helps delay the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

  • Increase your brain

As we learn a new language, the brain can increase the language centers and the area of the brain responsible for creating and storing all memories: the hippocampus.

  • Increased attention span and concentration

Paying close attention to memorizing, listening, and repeating decrease distractions. This is because the brain becomes more flexible and can analyze and filter more information.

  • Ease of decision-making

Increase the likelihood of making consistent decisions by constantly training your brain.

  • Greater memory

Continually acquiring new vocabulary and grammar increases and improves your memoristic ability, creating new routes to reach memories.

  • Development of activities

Your mind will be more attentive and easier to perform more than one activity at the same time thanks to the cognitive flexibility discussed above.

So, if you haven’t taken the step yet, it’s time to improve your cognitive abilities! What better way to do it than to take a language course abroad where you can enjoy a complete linguistic immersion.

Discover all the languages and destinations Ynsitu has for you and train your brain!

If you don’t know which language to learn, we show you the 6 factors to consider when choosing which language to learn.

5 best destinations to study Italian

Mejores destinos para estudiar Italiano

Study a language other than the maternal language is a real delight for people who value the magic of language. Learning a new language is a different way to see the world. It’s an experience you can make even more spectacular if you do the course in a country where that language you want to learn is the official language.

The reasons are obvious: the best place to take an Italian course it’s Italy. In this country you will not only find yourself with the possibility of learning a new language, but you will soak up a rich culture of several centuries that encompasses the ultimate expression of human manifestations such as art, fashion, food and ancienthistory.

Top 5 destinations in Italy to take an Italian course abroad

We have chosen five beautiful Italian cities that you have surely heard of, each of them has its particular charm and your stay there can be an unforgettable experience for multiple reasons.

Florence, the cradle of art

Do you want to travel abroad to learn another language and besides that you are an art lover? We have the perfect city for you, it is the magnificent Italian city of Florence.

Florence is practically a breathing work of art. Saying it’s the cradle of rebirth Italian it’s just a common place. Florence at the time was considered the capital of Europe. Its history of splendor dates back to the Middle Ages, in which it was constituted as one of the most important cultural, artistic and economic centres in Europe

Florence’s historic center consists of Romanesque and Gothic-style buildings. Many of these buildings are more than nine centuries old. During the Renaissance, there lived cult artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and his students, Miguel Angel, Donatello, Botticelli and Giovanni Boccaccio, to name just a few.

For someone who wants to learn Italian, Florence offers a wide range of prestigious academies. The climate is humid tropical and connects very well with the Latin temperament.

Siena, small, charming and ideal for an Italian course abroad

Piazza del Campo, Siena Cathedral and siena’s Communal Palace are some of the buildings that can sum up the imposing beauty of this ancient city. Gothic and Romanesque architecture predominates in its surroundings; in its museums you can find works by the great artists of the Renaissance.

Another attraction of this destination is its wide gastronomic offer, which includes the most exquisite Tuscan wines and its pasta and bread preparations based on the best wheat. There you can not miss the internationally known Palio, which is a horse race around Piazza del Campo.

This event dates back to the Renaissance, at a time when religious authorities banned all violent manifestations such as bulls, the Palio was instead created. In the present, Siena is a city of just over 50,000 inhabitants. Her lifestyle is quiet, making her a good destination for study the Italian language..

Rome, a city open abroad

The city of Rome does not need a cover letter. It’s perhaps the Italian city par excellence. In its time of splendor it was the capital of the civilized world and in it oozes the weight of an ancient history. In Rome you can enjoy in all its splendor Italian food and culture. It has a huge number of historical sites such as the famous Roman Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican museums.

Rome was founded in 753 a. C.; its artistic, cultural and social history is an archetype of the entire West. Today, Rome prides itself on its immeasurable past and welcomes people from all over the world who come for various reasons such as tourism, business, pleasure and education.

The offer of institutions to learn Italian in Rome it’s huge. Options can be found for virtually all audiences. Without a doubt, this city will open your mind and you will fill your own story with unforgettable moments framed by immortal scenarios.

Milan, a stylish city

Milan is one of the great metropolises of northern Italy. It is the capital of the state of Lombardy. This entire region is recognized for having extensive economic development and industrialized urban centers. Milan is the capital of fashion and design and its tradition goes back far back in time.

Milan is the second most populous city in Italy and is the financial center of the country. It was founded around 400 a. C. and has a rich history worthy of its millennial age. It was originally founded by Gallic peoples who settled in that area for its strategic location as a trade route. Later the Romans claimed the city to have control of the route.

During the Middle Ages it became the most important city in Italy. This period is known as the Duchy of Milan or Milanese. Today, Milan is a modern city of seven million inhabitants characterized by its industry and good taste.

Imagine studying Italian in Milan and getting to know first-hand what his exquisite lifestyle means. In addition you can visit art galleries and museums, as well as restaurants and other historical sites with various attractions..

Syracuse, an ancient gem

Syracuse is a legendary city located on the island of Sicily. As tourist attractions, it has a lot of Greek and Roman ruins. In ancient times it was a strategic point for trade in the Mediterranean Sea.

Every year thousands of tourists come there to appreciate the wonders of its archaeological museums and temples dedicated to Greek deities such as Apollo. Syracuse is today a city with a quiet lifestyle and a sustainable cost of living for those who come there to conduct language courses.

Besides, did you know that Italian is one of eight languages that will boost your career?

Don’t think about it anymore! Italy is the destination you want to reach. With Ynsitu you can compare and choose from all the options to take an Italian course

in this wonderful country.