Spain, the favorite destination for European tourists this summer 2021 (and the rest of the year)

Spain, the favourite destination for European tourists 2021

Spain leads the ranking of favorite places to travel this summer. So say Italians, Germans, French and English. And even the Spaniards themselves plan to stay and enjoy their virtuous country. Mind you, they plan to spend even more than they did in 2019….

Before the pandemic, the sun, the beach, the party, the gastronomy and so many other Spanish good things made other Europeans choose Spain as their main holiday destination when this time of the year (summer) arrived. However, this year, despite the Covid-19, it seems that the preference will be repeated again. Not surprisingly, more than half of the citizens of the main Spanish tourism source markets (France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom) say they will travel to Spain at some point this holiday. And not only that, but they also plan to do so for the rest of the year.

These are the data from Opinion and Big Data to understand the International Tourist, their tourist preferences for the middle-end of the year. The meeting organized by Ipsos, the third largest market and opinion research company in the world, together with Turespaña and Mabrian, a tourism intelligence platform, were responsible for collecting this intelligent data. Its objective was focused on analysing the holiday plans of the four countries mentioned above.

In terms of volume of European tourists, according to data from the European Travel Commission, it is expected that 72% of Europeans intend to travel between the months of June and September, compared to 56% who showed interest in February 2021. 31% of them intend to travel in June and July, 41% will travel in August and September. In contrast, 16% of respondents prefer to wait to travel in the autumn months.


Summer Extension

According to Eva Aranda, Ipsos Tourism expert in Spain; Miguel Sanz, General Director of Turespaña, and Sonia Huerta, Head of Customer Success at Mabrian, the main conclusion of the data presented is that 2021 should not be taken for lost in terms of tourism, since “there is life beyond the summer”, as they agree in indicating.

More than half of the citizens of the main European tourists in Spain say they will travel in 2021, being Italy (62%) the state most willing to do so, followed by France (51%), United Kingdom (48%) and Germany (48%).


Vaccine as a decisive factor

According to Miguel Sanz, CEO of Tuespaña, “the vaccine has changed the perspective of tourists increasing their desire to travel and leading to a summer season that this 2021 is posed as the opportunity for the recovery of the sector”. In his opinion, the tourist has a greater willingness to pay more for the quality of the experience that is offered, something that from the sector should “take advantage of these months to make a great season that is expected to extend well into October. We could interpret that the desire of European tourists to travel, is very high compared to previous years, by the confinement that many countries have suffered and the blocking of borders, because of the Covid-19, data that should be used to present the European tourist the best of the experiences at the time of their possible arrival in July-August.

In relation to flight searches made by natives of Spain’s tourist sending countries, it is observed that Spain maintains a competitive position with respect to other places compared to 2019. In fact, the countries that most demand Spain, to travel this summer using the plane as a means of transport, hardly change, placing it in first place. It adds a seven-point increase over 2019, thanks to that increase in domestic tourism.

Ipsos analyzed another big data, the number of days that tourists will spend in their destinations. Those going to Spain by air will increase their expected average stay compared to 2019 in all markets. Thus, the Germans are the ones who will spend more time on average, 9.5 days, followed by the English and Italians (8.6 days in both cases) and French (8.4 days).


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