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Universal Institute of Technology UIT
Language: English

Australia| Melbourne
Universal Institute of Technology UIT

General language        individual classes

The General English course is our most popular course and students love it as it has a perfect balance of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Students learn English which is used in everyday life and build their confidence to use English in any situation such as traveling, shopping, looking for a job, making friends etc. Lessons are fun, enjoyable and students often go out on excursions or day trips that complement their learning.

In the General English course students:
 Improve their speaking and conversation skillsLearn correct pronunciation and improve their fluencyLearn new vocabulary about different topicsImprove their grammar in the teacher’s exciting lessonsParticipate in role-plays and activities in classLearn idioms and phrases used in daily languageIncrease their reading speed and writing skillsImprove their listening skills and comprehension
 All students are tested by the English Management team on their first day and each student is informed of their current English level. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are discussed and then placed in the ideal class for student’s learning. The class teacher also receives a copy of the student’s English test and is advised of student’s strengths and weaknesses, background, goals and is well prepared for the student’s first lesson.

Course: from $ 257,12 / week

min 1 week

from $ 257,12
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