The different kinds of courses you can take abroad

Finding a course that meets the needs of each person will be invariably different. A business executive will have different requirements to a teacher or a person wanting to work as translator or even someone who just wants to improve in the language for their own personal goals. For this reason we will guide you through the different alternatives for each person so that you can find a course tailor-made to meet your needs.

General language courses

General language courses are predominantly focused on becoming more fluent in a language. These courses involve classes which concentrate as much on speaking, and pronunciation as in grammar. The areas they concentrate on are useful for daily situations such as: work, sports, holidays, food, travel, experiences, etc. In all of these topics they expand on vocabulary listening and reading practice. The aim of this type of course is to learn your chosen language and improve on your fluency.

Within these general language courses there are:

  • Intensive general language courses: generally offer 20 classes a week
  • Non-intensive general language courses: generally offer less than 20 classes a week.

Courses with activities

This is an attractive option. In these courses on top of your regular language classes, you can also have a study scheme that includes special activities such as yoga, surf, music, etc. These courses enable you to improve your language skills whilst doing one of your favourite hobbies and getting to know people with similar interests.

Pre-university courses

If you are a student about to embark on your university studies but before this you want to learn a new language which may be English or any other, this is the course for you! These courses are specialized for people who want to learn a language with the aim of preparing themselves for university and acquiring the necessary tools to build on your present knowledge, learn a new language and enjoy yourself to the max with other students who are about to embark on a new stage in their lives too.

Exam preparation courses

These courses offer specific preparation for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge etc. These qualifications are usually used for admission to universities in Europe or Canada and help increase your points for many job entry systems notably in the teaching profession. Having a certificate to prove your language level is valuable in many areas of either your education or career.

Business courses

This course is for you if need to study business English or another language specialized in business. If you need a language specialized in business either because you are studying for a career that requires it or for your work in business.

One to One classes

The schemes of study offered here involve intensive courses and even full immersion courses where you stay in the teachers house and they adapt entirely to what each students needs making it an entirely tailor made course for your needs.

Small group courses

This option is for people who would like to take a course that ensures there are a reduced number of students in each class. There are a large range of alternatives adapted for the needs of the people applying for the courses. These types of courses are also ideal for people who what something similar to a one to one course but want to have for a smaller budget more personal attention than a standard course.

Courses for teachers

These courses will build you up not only to be an expert in your specialized area but also give you the opportunity to master a second language. In this scheme there is also the option for teachers who teach Spanish, where the level is advanced and you learn new educational methods to teach within a Bilingual ELE. The participants will not only master the language but acquire new tools in which to teach their chosen language.

Family programs

These courses are for people who would like to take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language at the same time as sharing this experience and having fun as a family.

Study Work programs

The study work programs are a great opportunity for language learning. Apart from having the opportunity to learn another language with hands on experience these programs offer the chance to part finance your studies by working.

Specialized Language courses

In these language courses a more specified technical language is learnt in order to further prepare people for certain professions. It is possible to learn a new language specifically focused on medicine, engineering and the many spheres of working expertise. This will enable you to be able to work in your profession in other parts of the world. Also included in this category are courses that aim to improve a specific aspect of the language for example speaking in public, grammar, reading comprehension, etc.

Language courses for mature students (+30/+40/+50)

These courses are aimed at adults over 30, over 40 and over 50´s who would like to do their course with a more mature crowd of people more their own age. These three age blocks are how mature student programmes are divided. But within these blocks you can find a variety of programs; general language, business, intensives, non intensives and cultural activities.


Courses combining professional development with language courses

These combination courses give you the opportunity to combine your learning of another language with professional development. They are courses which specialize and focus on future professionals and their chosen career.


Longer length courses

The longer length courses are general language courses and can be from 20 weeks to 1 year long. These courses are ideal for students who would like to spend up to a year learning their chosen language. There are courses with different kinds of schedules some are more intensive some are less depending on the quantity of weekly classes. These longer length courses are perfect for those who want to study abroad but want to gain a good level of the language.

All of the above courses you will find with Ynsitu, so now you have the information, choose the course that suits you and you can begin your journey of learning languages with us.