Where to study German Courses in Switzerland

Without a doubt, a language immersion in Austria is one of the most effective ways to learn German abroad, as nothing compares to studying a language where it is spoken. Austria is one of the best places in the world to study German. At Ynsitu you have German courses for young people and German courses in Austria for adults over 30, over 50 and over 50. On the other hand, you have the option, if you wish, to book your German course in Austria with accommodation, either with a family, in a residence, in a flat... you choose how you want to personalise your course. The experience of learning German in Vienna will be unforgettable. Immerse yourself in Central Europe, in the birthplace of the classical music of celebrities such as Mozart or Schubert, a majestic place that will leave you enchanted, making your language immersion in Vienna an experience you will never forget. Choose your course now, Austria is waiting for you.

city Course of German in Zürich


city Course of German in Leysin


  • How different is Swiss German from German-speaking countries such as Germany or Austria?
    Although Swiss English is quite similar to German English, there are certain native words and expressions that are only used in Switzerland, in addition to the difference in accent. However, this does not prevent you from learning English in Switzerland in an optimal way.
  • What are the best cities and destinations to study German in Switzerland?
    Through Ynsitu you will be able to study German in Switzerland in cities like Zurich or Liddes, among others.
  • What leisure options do I have and what can I see and do if I take a German course in Switzerland?
    If you take a German course in Switzerland you will have many leisure options. You can enjoy wonderful cities such as Zurich, Bern or Basel, as well as exceptional natural sites such as the Swiss Alps and other mountainous areas for snow lovers.
  • What types of courses can I take if I decide to learn German in Switzerland?
    On Ynsitu you can find different types of courses to learn German in Switzerland. From general German courses, business German courses, preparation for official German exams, courses for seniors, for juniors, for pre-university students, long term or gap year courses, training courses for German teachers, German courses with activities and even with internships to study and work in Switzerland. Choose from multiple options.
  • What are the accommodation options for my German course in Switzerland?

    Although it is not compulsory and you can book accommodation on your own externally, at Ynsitu we offer you a series of options so that you can also book it through our platform at the same time as you book your German course in Switzerland. You can stay with a host family, in a student residence, in private or shared apartments and studios, or in hotels or hostels if you prefer.