72% of Europeans plan to travel this summer according to the European Travel Commission

72% of Europeans will travel this summer

Interest in travel has increased among European citizens as the epidemiological situation progresses. This is helped by the fact that entry restrictions to European countries are becoming less and less restrictive. As data from the European Travel Commission (ETC) shows, 72% of Europeans plan to travel this summer.

The latest research from ETC’s “Monitoring Domestic and Intra-European Travel Sentiment – Wave 7” shows these positive intentions and travel preferences.

The increasing rate of administration of COVID-19 vaccines and the new EU COVID Certificate, together with the arrival of summer, increases the desire and interest of Europeans to start travelling and holidaying. 57% of respondents are optimistic about planning a trip, thanks to the vaccines administered. 18% are still unconvinced and the remaining 25% are neutral about it.

72% of Europeans intend to travel between June and September, compared to 56% who showed interest in February 2021. 31% of them intend to travel in June and July, 41% will travel in August and September. In contrast, 16% of respondents prefer to wait to travel in the autumn months.


Restrictions and quarantines are less and less of a concern

When preparing for travel, quarantine requirements and changes in regulations continue to be a problem, although this is becoming less of an issue as measures in European countries are being relaxed as the situation progresses.

Flight cancellations can be a problem, so it is important to know the conditions in your destination country before planning your trip. The airplane as a mean of transport is a concern among travelers in terms of health and safety. As a result, preference for air travel has decreased by 11% since February 2021 and preference for car travel has increased by 23%.


Preferred destinations

As the intention to travel increases, so does the interest in travelling to other European countries. 51% of respondents prefer it, while 36% prefer domestic trips.

“Europeans travelling abroad this summer prefer southern destinations such as Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal for their next trip,” notes the ETC.


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